Joel Embiid’s Game One Status Remains Uncertain

Joel Embiid at Friday's practice

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, the playoffs, when 400 media members show up for Sixers practice to get an update on Joel Embiid’s knee.

The update is this:

Embiid was not a full participant at Friday’s practice session. He came onto the floor and did some light work before speaking to reporters.

First, here’s the official injury report from the Sixers:

Embiid said it’s something he needs to work through and see how he’s feeling “every day.”

“You never know what’s gonna happen.”

He was asked how the pain in his knee felt today, to which he replied, “I don’t know,” then said this, after the jump:

It’s extremely frustrating, but you can only control what you can, and that’s the work I put in every day, how I treat my body and take care of it. I guess the rest will follow.

Embiid says he’s doing “typical rehab” when it comes to tendinitis, which is the first time I’ve heard his knee soreness described as such. As far as long term concerns, he said this:

There’s no concern. Tendinitis is tendinitis. It comes and it goes. I’m not concerned about it. It’s that time of the year, just have to keep working and make sure I put myself in the best position to succeed.

Embiid said it will be his decision whether to play tomorrow, while the medical staff does whatever they can do to help get him ready. He says it’s possible to play in regular bursts like he did against Milwaukee and Brooklyn, it’s just a matter of pain tolerance, something that he has to work through.

He feels it when jumping, landing, and moving, which “is the game of basketball.”

“If I can’t jump or move the way I usually do, then that’s a problem,” said Embiid, who explained that the knee started bothering him after the All-Star break. He thinks it’s just a product of the load he’s undertaken this season.

Head coach Brett Brown didn’t have much interest in talking about Embiid’s knee:

Moving forward, I’ve been in front of this city for six years, and one of the requests lately that I am having is that I want others to talk about people’s health. I do the best that I can. I try to be as candid and honest and transparent as I can and have always done that. I think to have multiple voices (talking about injuries) and things of that sort doesn’t interest me and it doesn’t help our organization. So with Joel’s news, I’m going to continue to refer to – I guess they gave out a sheet – and there you go. Please refer to your sheet and I’m happy to talk about hoops.

Here are clips of Embiid doing very light work before today’s film session and practice:

Flop right here:

Standing by for 5 p.m….

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      1. Russ = Donkey!!!
        Philip = Shrek (one H)
        Kyle = Lord Farquad
        Kev= princess

        So much more interesting

  1. i just posted on your last story…

    I am the source, dont ask…i have the info..

    He is out at least first 2 games….(just go with this for now)…UNLESS SOMETHING CHANGES DRASTICALLY, dont expect him to be on the court in the playoffs, but leave it to the Sixers…and this blood thirsty media to make it a story…

    there is no story..he is out..
    he is not in shape..
    his body is breaking down…

  2. This drama queen will be suited up for game one. He needs attention and this is his way of getting it.

  3. I firmly believe this is a good time to for me to start looking into getting a dog.

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