John Boruk is Out at NBC Sports Philadelphia

via Twitter

Here’s some news on a Friday afternoon.

From Boruk himself:

Boruk was NBCSP’s Flyers reporter/insider, having replaced Tim Panaccio more than a year ago. I’m told via source that his contract was not renewed.

Why no renewal? Not sure. Could be money, could be a “different direction,” something like that, though he did drive over the occasional social media pothole.

Maybe you recall November of 2017, when Boruk was asked to apologize for a tweet in which he basically said that pink is a girly color and that he didn’t want his son wearing a pink basketball jersey. That’s a generalization, but this was the result of the backlash, after the jump:

There was another tweet about Colin Kaepernick back in 2016 and a few smaller flaps here and there that left some Flyers fans annoyed. Boruk is a conservative (it’s literally written in his Twitter bio) and I’m sure that didn’t really do him any favors in a left-leaning city with left-leaning media. That’s not a political expression from me, just a stating of facts. There are very few John Boruk types involved in Philadelphia media.

Either way, I guess Jordan Hall will handle Flyers duties for now. Taryn Hatcher’s role could change. Who knows? Only Michelle Murray and Brian Monihan know.

Happy Friday.

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20 Responses

  1. Wow. You have to apologize now for saying pink is a girly color and you don’t want your son wearing it? My god how fucking sissified is this country becoming. Thanks libs!!

    Oh and nbc and nbcsports is as left as they get so there’s no guessing why he’s out

  2. And liberal pig blue glasses wearing little mikey miss gets his show broadcast on nbcsports. I’m sure that’s riveting TV!!

  3. He’d been there for a while so he probably made a lot of money, but his Flyers coverage was average at best. He never really carved out any niche that that separated him from the pack like Johnny Airport has. I don’t see any evidence think his political leanings had anything to do with it. It seems more like a cost cutting measure and a changing of the sports journalism landscape in general.

  4. This guy seemed to be impressed with himself, always reminds of the planet fitness “mirror guy”…I need to look at me, looking at me looking at me looking at me, looking at YOU , to see if your looking at me.

    And pink is a girl’s color. Going shopping for clothes for a new born & just about everything for a girl’s is pink & blue for a boy.

  5. There are clearly getting younger and adding more sex appeal. The conservative thing does not play well in Philly they are radical left when it comes to politics. I just stay away from it and enjoy the great sports passion. Good luck wherever he lands.

  6. Bought a friend something pink when he found out he was having a daughter, I will now commit ritual suicide as I am filled with deep shame

  7. Is practically a Klansman and hes still employed. This is about dollars, not politics.

  8. Pink *is* a girl’s color… People wear it for breast cancer awareness and shit. I don’t understand what’s so controversial about that. Then again, this is twitter we’re talking about. Can’t speak your mind without a mob coming after you with pitchforks and torches.

  9. He should have at least faked it and said he was on the left . Crazy how all the sports media are so on the left . Jamming that shit down our throats on twitter a la bro , les Bowen , jimmy k , – etc . Nobody cares about your political views

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