Judge Drops “First Time, Long Time” Joke While Sentencing Former WIP Host

Craig Carton was sentenced to 42 months in jail Friday
via Youtube

You’d have to be a bit older to make this connection, but Craig Carton used to anchor on 610 WIP back in the day, I think from 1993 until 1998, or somewhere in that general time frame. He eventually made his way to WFAN in New York, where he anchored a popular morning show alongside Boomer Esiason.

Carton was sentenced to three and a half years in jail today, the result of a conviction on conspiracy, wire fraud, and securities fraud charges. The 50 year old bilked others to the tune of seven million dollars in a ticket resale scheme that he instead used to fuel a gambling addiction.

In court, the judge made a radio joke when sentencing Carton to prison.

Via the New York Post:

The 50-year-old shock jock begged for no prison in Manhattan federal court but couldn’t sway Judge Colleen McMahon.

“Colleen from New York. First time, long time,” the jurist greeted Carton.

Then she laced into him.

“Your marriage is over, your kids are terrified … reputation in tatters,” she said, as the dad of four sat expressionless. “Craig Carton, you have indeed descended into a hell of your own making.”

On top of the 42-month sentence, Carton was ordered to complete 150 hours of community service and pay $4.8 million in restitution.

Man, that’s savage.

Imagine getting that jail sentence while the judge slaps you right across the face with disrespect. The article says Carton faced  “up to 45 years but was expected to get far less under federal sentencing guidelines,” so I guess he actually got off easy.

I just just a kid back in nineties, a wee lad, so I barely remember this, but Carton was involved in a dust up with the Flyers over accusations involving Eric Lindos. I found an old article explaining what happened:

WIP Radio, which six months ago settled a lawsuit with the Philadelphia Flyers over allegations involving center Eric Lindros, Thursday reached agreement to broadcast the team’s games for five more years.

The new agreement runs through the 2002-03 season. WIP has broadcast Flyers’ games every season since 1977-78.

Last year, Flyers officials talked of ending the team’s relationship with WIP after talk show host Craig Carton reported Lindros sat out a February 15, 1997 game against the Pittsburgh Penguins because he was drunk or hung over.

LINDROS HAD SUFFERED a back injury two days earlier and the team filed a libel suit against station owner Infinity Broadcasting March 5, 1997, charging that Carton’s allegations were “a continuation of a pattern of reckless sensationalism.”

Last April, WIP and the Flyers reached a settlement that called for the station to issue an apology and make a contribution to the Children’s Miracle Network.

Carton no longer is employed by the station.

Remember that one?

Life comes at you fast.

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24 Responses

  1. Meanwhile mega politician and business criminals go scott free from any wrong doing. what a country.what a world.

      1. Repeating stupid lines without thinking only makes you seem stupid.

        I know your opinions on every social and political issue, because you choose not to think.

        1. Or you could stick you head in the sand and ignore everything that you don’t agree with…like you do asswipe.

          1. Huh? Try to make some sense.

            If I don’t agree with something- I obviously didn’t ignore it. I thought about it. Again – I know your ‘opinion’ on every social and political issue.

            By the way – I am a Registered Republican.

            Just not a triggered conservative……..because I have my own opinions. But, I can see why you don’t.

  2. Craigs house in jersey is/was baller as fuq.
    He’s a good for nuthin scumbag but his house, gotdamn

  3. Mike Missanelli made that Lindros story up and “gave” it to Carton. Carton thought it was a big break and broke the story on the air and suffered the consequences while Mikey Miss lived off talking about it on the air for months

  4. It certainly was.

    Lindros had a bad back and after warmups told the coaching staff he couldn’t go and that “it was a rough night.” Meaning his back pain.

    Missanelli who back then hung around the arena almost as much as Eskin used that to mean Lindros was out drinking, told Carton about it and suggested he break “the story” on the air and that it would be a boost for his career.

    Rest is litigation history, D Bag.

      1. Show me once where the Flyers admitted it was true.

        There was litigation. I know, I transcribed the air check tapes for it, D Bag.

  5. Mike miss is a douche and I’m glad his wife left his dumb ass and his best friend died. Rot in h3ll Missanelli you prick

  6. He has interviewed him a few times on his Saturday morning show in the past. Maybe he can visit him at the “Big House”.

  7. Craig and Boomer used to host a poker tournament every year at The B0RGATA.

  8. I’ll be representing Carton on appeal. My boy Martin is setting up the poker room for him now. I’m running shit from here.

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