Lane Johnson Has a Message for Donovan McNabb

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Easter Sunday. A time to reflect, spend time with loved ones, and if you’re Eagles left tackle Lane Johnson, jump on Twitter to bodybag your team’s former franchise quarterback. What is the deal with Donovan McNabb and Easter Sunday, by the way?ย ย 

Damn, Lane from the top rope! There may be no worse Twitter insult between athletes than the snake emoji. He didn’t even just go ambiguous snake emoji, he doubled down with the comment, too. Nobody respects you when you come back. Exclamation point. Multiple exclamation points.

Just brutal.

Maybe there is more to this story, but Johnson is presumably upset with McNabb over recent comments the former quarterback turned bad driver/football analyst made to Zach Gelb of CBS Sports Radio regarding Carson Wentz:

If he canโ€™t get out of the second round they should look to possibly draft another quarterback because you just donโ€™t know about his durability. Staying healthy is very key in this league.

Essentially, McNabb believes the Eagles should look elsewhere at quarterback if Wentz can’t make a deep playoff run over the next two seasons.

My take? I’m admittedly conflicted. Wentz, you may remember, was integral in the Eagles earning the NFC’s No. 1 seed prior to missing the team’s, uh, Super Bowl win two seasons ago. I’m not among those that just completely dismiss his contribution to that run. At the same time, McNabb certainly isn’t alone in his opinion here. If Wentz can’t stay on the field or the Eagles fail to make another deep run over the next two seasons, doubts surrounding his longterm viability as a productive NFL starter will continue to grow. My guess is that Johnson’s tweet is fueled by more than just these specific comments.ย 

The verdict: the snake emoji is probably warranted.

Update: Skip Bayless weighed in on the matter:

Scratch that. The snake emoji is definitely warranted.

You can listen to McNabb’s full spot with Gelb right here and decide for yourself:


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  1. Whether itโ€™s true or not is irrelevant. Donnie didnโ€™t do himself any favors by saying that. Heโ€™s salty, and heโ€™s making matters worse.

    Ruining his own legacy…

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