Michael Rubin Backs Bob Kraft: “There Was No Sex Trafficking, The Whole Thing is a Lie”

Michael Rubin and Bob Kraft
Photo Credit: Nicole Sweet-USA TODAY Sports

Michael Rubin will not be at tonight’s Sixers game.

He’s in California for the World Congress of Sports, which is an annual conference held at the Monarch Beach Resort. I spoke at the conference earlier this morning, delivering my thoughts on the future of sports journalism.

Rubin also spoke, and he defended his friend Bob Kraft, who finds himself at the center of a high-profile prostitution investigation.

Boston.com transcribed pieces of Rubin’s appearance at the conference:

“I think a lot of the true details will come out over time and won’t be as people believe. I think the great thing with Robert is that he’ll figure out how to make the country and the world a better place as a result of what he’s gone through.”

Rubin echoed the case made by Kraft’s attorneys that the sex trafficking claim that prompted the installation of hidden cameras at Orchids of Asia Day Spa was “made up” by law enforcement. According to Rubin and Kraft’s legal team, Kraft was both illegally videoed and pulled over as a result of that fabricated claim. Kraft’s attorneys have filed a motion to have the video evidence thrown out of the case due to the nature in which it was obtained.

“Now, Robert’s like, ‘Man, I get what our players go through when they get pulled over and they’re discriminated against,’” Rubin said. “To be honest, he was like me. A year and a half ago, I thought the criminal justice system worked perfectly in 99.9 percent of the situations. Today, I recognize it doesn’t work well in most of the situations — not because they’re bad people but because the system is fundamentally broken.”

Here’s video of Rubin’s comments, after the jump:

“The whole thing was made up by law enforcement, there was no sex trafficking. The whole thing is a lie. They’re not even trying to prove it. They’ve given up.”

ESPN had the latest on the investigation this morning, explaining that Kraft’s attorney’s believe that police officers violated the constitution by using tactics “normally reserved for serious crimes rather than low-level offenses” –

In a 92-page court filing, Kraft’s high-profile attorneys allege that Jupiter, Florida, police misrepresented evidence to obtain a search warrant that allowed them to secretly install video cameras at the Orchids of Asia Day Spa. Police say those cameras recorded Kraft twice paying for sexual acts with spa employees.


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  1. The fact that Kraft was face *ucking the young asian girl and then paid her money afterwards
    is irrelevant.

    Obviously this turd Kraft is trying get off on a technicality/procedural grounds.

    Go Bryce Go!

    – Kate

  2. This Rubin dude loves sticking up for the guilty. Can’t wait for Jussie Kraft ‘s tapes to be released

  3. Wait, we booked you to speak at this conference? About journalism? Clearly a mistake on our part.

  4. Sure Michael, anything you else you want.

  5. Hate to say it, but in this case Rubin and Kraft are 100% right. Wasn’t any trafficking, these women were old pros in their 50’s.The cops went for a splashy headline and its blowing up in their face, pun intended.

  6. Maybe Kraft will come ring the bell following the other convict loser this city loves Meek Mill

  7. Kraft’s Lawyer: “He’s not charged with paying for trafficked prostitutes…they were regular prostitutes…my job is done here”

    Side note, Rubin could’ve just hooked him up with some of K&A’s finest. Some friend he is.

  8. Right but Kraft still paid some Asian woman for an HJ the morning of the AFC Championship.

    The trafficking thing is whatever. Nobody really cares about that. What’s funny is paying for the hand jibber.

  9. There’s not a fucking chance you are there speaking about journalism. There, maybe… but not speaking on the topic of journalism.

  10. Wonder how Meek would feel about him being locked in a cage for doing wheelies is being equated to a billionaire trying to get out of the embarrassment of paying for a handle.

  11. What is really sickening is he made the poor woman wear a Brady mask. Deflated his balls.

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