Mike Scott “Ain’t No Bitch,” According to Mike Scott

via TNT

I appreciate Mike Scott’s style.

I’m 100% on board with a guy who speaks his mind. That’s infinitely more “Philly” than any kind of cliche about lunch pails or hard hats or whatever.

Scott got involved in the Eric Bledsoe/Joel Embiid donnybrook last night, attempting to throw the ball at Bledsoe, but missing him:

Scott would go on to lament his “trash ass aim,” after the jump:

Scott was asked after the game about his involvement in the brouhaha, and he explained that it’s just how he is, that he is not a bitch:

Scott was 6-8 from three last night and 8-11 from the floor. He had a really nice game starting at power forward while Tobias Harris slid to the three in Jimmy Butler’s absence.

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15 Responses

  1. Do they realize how stupid they look with those headbands? I mean they look, really, really stupid.

    In other news…who is Mike Scott? And why wasn’t he tossed as well? Refs tried handing the game to Sixers and they still failed to beat a short handed team at home.

  2. Can’t wait til these idiots shit the bed and then keep EVERYONE and then shit the bed in 2020

  3. One Ben Simmons. 5 shot attempts last night. He’s so spooked about going to the line he aborted every drive he started. Giannis abused him all night. And don’t tell me Giannis does that to everybody.

  4. He saw a drink on the table, and took a sip. It was JoJo’s Mountain Dew Shirley Temple! Not bad, he proclaimed.

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