NFL Draft: Experts and Sportsbooks like Josh Jacobs or Marquise Brown to Eagles

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It’s NFL Draft week. Maybe it’s because the Eagles are set to select 25th overall, or our collective attention has been soaked up by the Sixers and a relevant baseball team this spring, but it just doesn’t feel like there’s as much local buzz leading up to the draft this year. That will probably change this week.

Peter King released his mock draft in this week’s edition of Football Morning in America and believes the Eagles will select Oklahoma wide receiver Marquise Brown:

Some love him. Some think he’s too wispy at 166, and they’re worried that he enters the NFL nursing a foot injury, and he might be prone to injury in the big-boy league. But he is one big threat. Instinctive and fearless too. Could be that DeSean Jackson gives the Eagles one last season, and then Brown steps in as the deep threat Carson Wentz can grow with into middle-age. Two cautions: GM Howie Roseman struck out on the free-agent he wanted, running back Tevin Coleman, and he could steal his RB1, Josh Jacobs, from the Raiders and Colts in trade. And Roseman is not fearful of drafting a guy (Sidney Jones, round two, 2017) who has to sit most or all of his rookie year with an injury. So I’d watch Jeffery Simmons here too.

So, another deep threat, a running back, or a defensive tackle recovering from an ACL tear. Book it. Actually, King may be onto something here, with DraftKings Sportsbook‘s current odds placing all three players very much in the mix. Yes, that’s right. You can bet on who the Eagles will select first:

That’s two defensive tackles, two defensive backs, two wide receivers, a running back and a center among the eight players with the best odds. For what it’s worth, King has Lawrence going at No. 14 to Atlanta, so the Eagles would probably have to trade up (which they have historically been willing to do) in order to grab him. Same goes for Jacobs, who many believe won’t last beyond Oakland with the 21st pick. For what it’s worth, Jacob’s is currently the heavy favorite (-400) to be the first running back drafted, ahead of Miles Sanders (+500) and Damien Harris (+850) at PointsBet.


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