Phillies/Nationals was the Highest-Rated Regular Season Game on NBCSP Since 2012

NBCSN Philadelphia Host Michael Barkann

We all knew Bryce Harper’s return to the nation’s capitol would draw big ratings numbers. Fresh off a season-opening sweep of last year’s NL East champion Atlanta Braves, Harper and his undefeated team had already lived up to – and in some ways exceeded – preseason expectations. Kevin and I talked about how much having a good Phillies team is for the city and for this very site on this morning’s Crossing Broadcast. There were quiet whispers debating the question that dominated months of sports talk radio from the end of thee last decade: Is Philadelphia actually a baseball city?

The people have spoken:

That is a ginormous rating for a Tuesday night game.

Keep in mind, this wasn’t on NBC Sports Philadelphia; it was on a network that used to be filled with hours of infomercials. It’s even more incredible when you consider that not every traditional cable/satellite provider carries the + channel. Add in the fact that so many people have cut the cord, which actually reduces the likelihood of a large chunk of viewers having access. The Harper effect is real.

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8 Responses

  1. Kevin Kinkhead is so embarrassed to admit he’s a socialist, democrat. He hides behind calling himself a libertarian. But muh Russia, but muh collusion, but my obstruction, but my closeted obama and his husband michael. losers, losers, losers

    – Kate

  2. Saw Sean Brace at Nats Park last night. Dudes looking good. He was rockin the Mitchell and Ness throwback. Pretty cool guy.

  3. Remember when I tried to catch a baseball that was dropped from a helicopter? Instead of catching it though, it bounced off of my stupid dome and I had to be taken to the hospital like an idiot

  4. Was at a bar last night in center city watching this game. Heard a bunch of commotion by the door so I turned around and saw none other than the Cuz standing there! He walked in and said “Hey everyone, I’m the Cuz”. Needless to say everyone at the bar was a little star struck. They all started buying him drinks and asking for autographs. After a bit, he went over to a private booth to sit down. It wasn’t private because no one else was allowed, it was private because he was literally the only one who could fit in it because he is so fat. He gave the crowd what they wanted and started telling stories about his career. He mentioned that he and little Mikey Miss used to tag team Steve Fredericks in the stalls at WIP which I thought was odd. Then he was telling us about how little Mikey cried like a b1tch when his wife finally divorced his loser ass. After hours of reminiscing, he stood up and said “The Cuz will catch you all later” and left. It was the greatest night of my life

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