Phillies Scouting Information Was Posted on Reddit

via Reddit (u/UngThug)

Well, this is interesting.

On the MLB Reddit page, a user named “UngThug” made a post titled “the Phillies insider scout information,” featuring a picture of a whiteboard inside Citizens Bank Park. That whiteboard contained detailed bullet points on the Atlanta Braves, whom the Phils opened the season with last week.

Here’s the unedited photo that was uploaded:

If you open the photo and zoom, you can discern what’s written on the board, though some stuff is harder to read, especially the entries on the far right.

Among the blurbs, after the jump:

Josh Donaldson

  • doesn’t move well
  • plays deep, poor reaction on BHB
  • can bunt on him!
  • erratic thrower at times
  • blocks base on tags!

Jesse Biddle

  • yips
  • put the ball in his hands, force him to pick to 1B

Nick Markakis

  • below average arm
  • slow attack – release
  • must be aggressive
  • best throws are to 2B from right field and wall

It’s intriguing stuff. There’s scouting info on the Braves’ entire starting lineup in there.

As far as the photo’s source, there’s a comment further down the page that reads:

During the tours of the park you walk right past this board (and they even stop to point it out) I just finished the tour and I guess someone snapped a pic of it

Yeah, that has to be what happened here. I guess they’ll adjust the tour moving forward so it doesn’t happen again.

The Union had a related situation a few years ago, when a fan took a picture of a similar whiteboard containing player-personnel information. The fan simply walked over to a window and snapped a photo from outside of the team’s training complex, as the shades weren’t pulled down at the time:

I’ve got the unedited photo somewhere on my desktop computer, but this was the edited jawn we used at Philly Voice.

Either way, there’s some inside Phillies scouting info for you.


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  2. Dear Kevy,

    How about the scouting report on Kyle Scott Laskowski?
    Does it contain any information on paying low wages, offering no benefits etc?

    Katey D

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