Phillies Erase Four-Run Deficit, then Lose Anyway

Photo Credit: Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

<fart noises>

I got home from running an errand, saw the Phils were down 6-2, and thought to myself, “I guess it’s not their day.” Aaron Nola gave up six runs in three innings before he was yanked. That’s alight; sometimes you just don’t have it.

Then the Phils scraped a pair of runs in the 4th inning before this happened:


What a slide by Scott Kingery. That was some Matrix-style stuff right there.

Tommy Gilligan at USA Today Sports got this fantastic shot of the slide and tag attempt:

Jean Segura would go on to drive home McCutchen and the Phils had inexplicably found themselves up 8-6.

Then the bullpen and Rhys Hoskins combined for a pretty rough collapse, squandering the lead on this horrendous error, after the jump:

Not great!

Three errors for the Phils today after committing zero this entire season.

It pretty much fell apart after that. David Robertson gave up a hit before walking three straight batters to lose the game in the bottom of the ninth. It was the ‘ole walk-off walk.

Here’s how the pitching looked on Wednesday afternoon:


At least we’ve got 157 games remaining. Phils/Twins this weekend at Citizens Bank Park.

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14 Responses

  1. Mr. Krimbrel, calling Mr. Greg Krimbel! LOL!
    Have a good night and the boys will be back at it Friday!

    — Kate

  2. Can’t wait to hear the Cuz break this down tomorrow. The man is a virtual fountain of sports knowledge and always knows exactly what is going on. The fact that he weighs 380 lbs doesn’t take away from his ability to connect with tried and true “Philly Guys”. If I want to know if something is true Philly, I go straight to the Cuz!

    1. the cuz was actually on the TV last night after the sixers game doing some gambling thing. they were actually putting up their bets during the game….is this new? I don;t remember seeing it before

  3. You can’t say “this entire season” after only 4 games. It’s like saying, on January 20th, “I haven’t been out to dinner all year!”
    Well, you can, but it’s bad writing.

  4. Kink I’m coming here cause u refuse to agree with me..its 5 games into Phillies season..aside from robertson..they’ll be fine..but that’s bullpens in mlb

    Most importantly..are u still in 76ers cant loose in 1st round camp..waxed again..its not over yet..they may give up 150

    Time is yours..stop giving us positivity and why they will win..when in reality over past 2 weeks..I have given site at least 10 to 15 y they wont..

    I have lost more sports knowledge unloading nut then all of this site has combined including its founder who still thinks Jay Wright is best coach in college bball..yet just lost a 5 star recruit

    I’m around..u guys will see it my way..gimme one article to lead on..ur team can write it…but u guys think u kno sports..but c and p is easy..u need hlp

    1. I’m drunk

      Dosent matter still more insight then this site

      Pretty sure I’m getting BANNED

      It’s like criticizing Trump..

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