Rhys Hoskins’ Revenge Home Run Trot Was Simply Glorious

rhys hoskins home run trot

There are winners in this world and there are losers. Rhys Hoskins is a winner. How do I know? Easy.

A night after getting twice buzzed by Mets reliever Jacob Rhame, Hoskins had the final word as he blasted a two-run homer to put an exclamation point on a 6-0 Phillies win at Citi Field this evening.

Being a winner isn’t easy. For instance, take a guy like me. If I was even remotely decent at baseball, I would’ve gotten all nervous and overwhelmed by the moment and probably would’ve struck out. Maybe shattered my bat and hit a three-hopper to short, or…I would’ve given up a 342 ft. blast after I tried to act like a tough guy the night before. Rhys Hoskins, though? Bad ass.

Revenge home run: 10/10

Revenge home run trot: 11/10

His casual, troll-like stroll around the bases–the longest home run trot of any MLB player this season–was just an absolute thing of beauty. All 34.23 f*** you seconds of it.

As for Rhame, he tried to play it off like it was no big deal after the game, but he knows. We all know. Hoskins took his soul tonight.

Hate to see it. By the way, after a lengthy hiatus, the Mets-Phillies rivalry is officially back.

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23 Responses

  1. Enjoy a stupid trot for a non issue. You guys hit two Mets and instead of a slow trot like a big baby the Mets took 2 of 3. Enjoy individual accomplishment in a team sport. Crickets the last two days on this blog and then this.

  2. Shameful. You don’t show up the pitcher. I was hoping Rhys was a good role model. A guy who plays the game the right way. I guess I was wrong.

    1. I don’t care if we go 0-162. As long as the team has good role models. It’s all about the kids. Not the money.

  3. You have to respect the way the Mets pitcher responded… don’t think that he minimized it, just thoughts he owned up to getting bested and accepted being shown up.

    1. if that’s the case, then why didn’t he own up to it the night before when he threw at his head in a 9-0 game?

  4. The only place T-Mac will be trotting to is the toilet to take a dump.

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