Scott Kingery/Cesar Hernandez Swap “Under Consideration” for Gabe Kapler

Cesar Hernandez after an RBI single against Atlanta
Photo Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

So Far, So Good is a 1993 Bryan Adams compilation album.

It’s also an apt slogan for this nascent Phillies’ season, as your boys find themselves in first place in the National League East on April 8th with a 6-2 record. Zach Eflin looked strong on Sunday afternoon, giving up one run in seven innings of work as the Phils scraped a 2-1 win to take the series from the Twins.

One guy who hasn’t looked so good is Cesar Hernandez, who has 5 hits in 32 plate appearances this season, good for a .179 average, .250 on-base percentage, a .286 slugging percentage, and a .536 OPS, which is worst among starting field players.

Gabe Kapler hasn’t messed with the lineup this season, making just one change in eight games when he gave Andrew Knapp a start on Saturday afternoon. J.T. Realmuto, who is also off to a slow start at the plate, came in to pinch hit in the 7th inning and went 0-2 with a pop out and ground out.

After Sunday’s win, Kapler didn’t rule out making a swap for this series against Washington.

Via Jim Salisbury at NBC Sports Philadelphia, after the jump:

“It’s something that is under consideration and we’ll talk about it (Sunday night),” Kapler said of a lineup tweak after Sunday’s 2-1 win over Minnesota. “Cesar has not gotten off to his best start. We also have a tremendous amount of confidence based on his track record. He has a track record of getting on base. He has a track record of being a productive offensive player. We expect the same from him this year. And if we decide he needs a blow then we’ll get Scotty in there.”

Kingery has zero hits and a walk in five plate appearances this season, so the sample size is essentially zero.

Here’s how his batting numbers compared to Hernandez in 2018:

It’s early, I know. We’re eight games in.

So you tell me –

Would you go for a Scott Kingery start or keep rolling with the same lineup that has thus far gotten you to 6-2?

For now, enjoy Bryan Adams:

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20 Responses

    1. diarrhea (Mexican food the night before). On the 7th, Sergio Garcia was teeing off when I let loose. An avalanche of brown stink running down my white pant legs accompanied by huge explosions. Sergio was glaring at me and everyone around me ran for safety. Needless to say, I was escorted off the grounds in shame.

    1. Eric Bruntlett scored the deciding run in the 2008 World Series. He also scored the game winning run in game 3.

      And his glove is in the Hall of Fame.

  1. Their sports betting “analysis” is so bad it’s funny.

  2. Ayton Shander never shit his pants at the fest. That was a lie made up by some god forsaken CB commentor.

    1. Maybe so, but I specifically remember seeing a hammered drunk Sean Brace getting knocked the fuck out at Fantasy Fest. He grabbed some chicks ass and her boyfriend drilled Brace right on the chin. He went out like a light and slammed his head on the floor. Dude was out for at least 5 minutes.

  3. Cesar is a dime a dozen average on his best day second baseman. You are paying Kingery 20 mil – play him. He MAT stink – we already KNOW Cesar stinks.

  4. I can’t stop thinking about all the sweet pussy I got this weekend. I fucking love the ladies.

    1. I ran into Jim Saturday night in Woody’s men’s room.
      He was furiously touching himself inappropriately at the urinal.
      Disgusting and sad to see.

  5. Cesar is kinda boring. Not terrible but not a special player at all. Scotty has liabilities and needs to get more selective at the plate but he’s got plus speed and really gives 100% out there on offense and defense. Can’t hurt to play the kid, see what you got.

  6. Give Cesar some more time, no need to rush Kingery down our throats just yet. Position guys are going to be taking days off shortly and an injuries are inevitable…we will get enough 0-3, 2 SO, BB, CS lines from Scotty soon enough.

  7. Scott Kingery is the greatest Phillies utility player since ……me! He will go on to become a Phillies legend and Wall Of Fame inductee too just like me and Brandon Duckworth.

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