Sixers/Raptors Game 1 Confirmed for Saturday

Photo Credit: James Lang-USA TODAY Sports

We now know the date the Sixers and Raptors will take the court for the Eastern Conference Semifinals.

The timing of the game remains up in the air, as it is contingent on the result of the Denver Nuggets v. San Antonio Spurs first-round series. As it stands, Denver leads the series 3-2 with Game 6 scheduled for Thursday night at 8:00 PM in San Antonio. The Sixers/Raptors start time will be either 7:30 PM or 8:00 PM on Saturday depending on the following scenarios:

Saturday can’t get here fast enough.


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  1. He was fired by C B S Philly for a racist tweet. You can’t hide from the truth

      1. Kyle is quick to complain about @jack and twitter but is doing the same tactics on his website

  2. What happened to Kinker?
    Is he working with leslie Gudel now and making soem real money?

  3. It’s “@ Toronto” if they’re playing in Toronto and “vs. Toronto” if they’re at home.

    But whaddya expect from Atonymous Jr.

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