So The Yankees Apparently Dropped Kate Smith Because She Sang Blatantly Racist Songs

If you’ve attended or even watched a Flyers game over the past few years, you’ve heard the #1 Anthemist in NHL Lauren Hart bridge a time warp in a duet of “God Bless America” with Kate Smith. To my recollection, that duet didn’t happen at all this season. I wouldn’t bet on ever hearing it again.

News broke today that the New York Yankees are ending an 18-year tradition of playing a 1939 recording of “God Bless America” during the 7th inning stretch after at least two overtly racist songs recorded by Smith were unearthed. The playing of “God Bless America” in the Bronx first began after 9/11, so in staying with that tradition, Smith’s version has been replaced.

Back to Smith. The songs are disgusting and the imagery used is nothing short of despicable. In the song “Pickaninny Heaven”, Smith dedicates the song to “a lotta little colored children who are listenin’ in at an orphanage in New York City”. It gets even worse. Per the New York Daily News, who reported the Yankees’ decision, Smith sang that the children:

“…should fantasize about an amazing place with ‘great big watermelons,’ among other treats.”

As if that weren’t enough, Smith also recorded a song “That’s Why Darkies Were Born”, which included the lyrics, “Someone had to pick the cotton. … That’s why darkies were born.”

For those wondering whatever happened to the statue of Kate Smith that once resided outside of the Spectrum, it’s currently stationed on the path near an Xfinity Live! parking lot.

Usually when accusations of overt racism are levied, some argue that “those were the times”. I can’t fathom a time when it was acceptable to conceptualize these songs, record them, and film a video. The Yankees made the first move. Will the Flyers do the same?

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33 Responses

  1. Maybe this will get the flyers to finally let that fatso Kate Smith R.I.P. tired act

    Greg Monroe might be the worst basketball player ever

  2. Yes. It’s over the top. But unless you lived thru the sixties, you dong REALLY understand. Fifty year olds today have no clue. Sixty five and seventy year olds understand. That said, those lyrics are still over the top

  3. Flyers should keep the statue up. It’s perfect for that joke of a franchise that hasn’t won anything since the Ford administration yet somehow ducks the hate reserved for
    Loser organizations in this city.

    1. And the Sixers haven’t won anything since Reagan’s first term. Do you count that as a win? Congratulations, I guess. Flyers at least made four finals since the Sixers last title, the Sixers made one. But hey, you’re an NBA fan, keep patting yourself on the back for how woke you are

      1. Recognizing the need for change isn’t a Flyers strong point, even you’d have to admit. This past season was a complete waste of time – but hey, at least we got Gritty out of it.

      2. The Sixers had a 3-year period in which they announced that they were going to intentionally be the worst team in the league. They made an effort to stink. The Sixers have won 2 playoff series since the Flyers last won one.

        The Flyers haven’t won a playoff series Obama’s FIRST term. It’s ok though. The Flyers have a good young core of players who are destined to succeed. Just like they said about Voracek, Simmonds, Courterier and Giroux 4 years ago . And Holgrem is still in charge. That guy has a true legacy of success.

      3. Actually not a sixers fan at all but cool whataboutism. Now go put on your Bobby Clarke jersey and go jack off to the documentary on the Broad Street Bullies one more time. Funny how Jeff Lurie was lambasted in this town until he won a super bowl yet no one says shit about Ed snider. Meanwhile the hockey team across the state that almost went bankrupt has five friggin Stanley Cups.

      4. NO CHAMPIONSHIPS in 75+ total years. WTF?

        The flyers and sixers BOTH suck!
        There is always some kind of bullshit drama with both of these franchises.
        All they do is take advantage of the fans goodwill by raising prices YET AGAIN
        with nothing to show for it.

        The Well Fargo Center has been there since the early 90’s and has only been good for one
        thing……….concerts. Any sports there was shit, always has been and always will be.

        Oh buy wait..they did upgrade the wells fargo center SUITES that most of the people
        on this msg board never even sniffed.

  4. Jeezus, this is the first thing I read when I wake up…..
    That music was from an era when segregation still existed. Ok, if her song has to go it has to go, but the faux sjw outrage is nauseating.
    Imo, the first songs lyrics aren’t even bad. When did watermelon become the same thing as saying the enn word, I never got the memo.
    Every guy should eat watermelon it has citrulline in it, if you don’t know what that is, look it up…..
    I thought I was reading a buzzfeed article at first, pls let this be the last.
    I’m not racist, I despise liberals tho

  5. It was from a Broadway show at the time. It was a different era in 1931. The song was even referred to in the movie Duck Soup with Marx Brothers. If we are taking things this far we might as well take down the Jefferson Memorial in DC. The man was a plantation owner that had slaves.

  6. They show the orphanage where the children are and she is talking about a house made of gingerbread the children can eat.

  7. The Flyers only use the Kate Smith rendition for big games.

    The Flyers avoided playing Kate Smith by not playing any big games this year.

  8. If Eager Beaver Russ Joy promises to stop blogging and goes back to his boring ho hum suburban dad life I'll buy a CB subscription. says:

    In fact I’ll buy 2. Just saying.

    Russ refers to himself as an “author”. What books have you written, Russ?

  9. Go ahead, ignore the history. That’s Why Darkies Were Born was an attack on racism written by Irving Berlin in 1918. Smith fought to get it aired, finally succeeding in 1938. She also encouraged her friend, the famous opera singer Paul Robeson, a towering black talent, to record his own version of the song. But today, with no work done to understand the history, Kate Smith is a racist. A brain is a terrible thing to waste . . . .

    1. well said.

      Russ I’d also like to know how the statement (in 1930) is considered racist? “a lotta little colored children who are listenin’ in at an orphanage in New York City”

      I’ve had enough of Kate Smith, but to smear a person like this is ridiculous.

    2. People just fabricate things without even researching them. Sad that this woman who had a fabulous career is being attacked. There are pictures of her with Babe Ruth, Eleanor Roosevelt, Harry Truman. Irving Berlin. She helped raise money for war bonds. There is a stamp in her honor. The two songs in question have had videos online for years. Now someone has decided to make an issue of it. They covered her statue outside of the WFC. This is a joke!!

  10. This country is becoming a real life Fahrenheit 451.

    “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

  11. Really hope Kevy wevy weighs in here so we can have the two social justice titans.

    I’m really in awe at how bad this site has become over the past year. Maybe time for a year in review Kyle. I know I know pageviews r up bro!! Bait clicked SEO game is not a long play. Get your gambling fad clicks but maybe time to invest in real writers.

  12. The only thing funnier than the people who complained in the first place are the overly sensitive white dudes who get upset. Ok. The Yankees are going to change their 7th inning stretch song. Who cares.

    Now a bunch of overly sensitive, angry white dudes are acting like their first born sons are being slaughtered.

    1. People could give a fuck less about Kate Smith. They do care about reading shit even remotely based on fact with any attempts at elementary research.

  13. kate smith is much worse than mercedes benz, siemens corp, audi etc who exploited people in
    extermination camps…for the german war effort.
    Yet you still buy products from these companies…..DON’T YOU?

    are you pissed off about that?

  14. Just imagine what this article might have accomplished if the “writer” would have taken the time to do some research.
    He could have opted to present an argument and allowed the reader to make an informed decision instead of having the same knee-jerk reaction as he did. He could have changed opinions. This “article” presents a racist p.o.s., while one with a bit more context might have prevented the inevitable
    dog-pile-on-the-rabbit. Hopefully someone else will do that. Wasted opportunity Russ.

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