The Grabbing of Crotches

via Fox Sports

Here’s some journalism for you.

Not sure how I missed this yesterday, but Nomar Mazara and Joey Gallo celebrated a home run with a coordinated crotch grab:

I believe this is how Kyle and Bob greet each other, but I could be wrong.

What say you?

Is this just two teammates having fun?

Or is it uncouth, disgusting, unacceptable behavior? Is this appropriate for children?

Time’s yours.

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10 Responses

  1. Crossing Broad is such a breath of fresh air from the rest of the lazy Philly sports media.

  2. They are just gauging the excitement level of their teammates after getting a run in. Just guys being guys. I would like to see an oil check next time for a more accurate reading.

  3. What makes a man? Is it doing the right thing?

    Well yeah, that and a pair of testicles.

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