“We’re Not Good Enough Right Now” – GM Chuck Fletcher Wraps Up Flyers’ Disappointing Season

another disappointing Flyers season comes to an end
Photo Credit: Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

The Flyers are signing off this morning after another unsatisfying season.

They again failed to make the playoffs, the general manager was fired, and the head coach followed suit. Along the way they gave Carter Hart his long-awaited NHL debut, enjoyed a late resurgence, ripped off a couple of nice wins, and then ultimately failed to climb out of the hole they themselves dug.

It’s Chuck Fletcher’s world now. Time to find a new coach. Time to add some pieces to the roster. Time to get some jam back in the building.

The GM spoke on break-up day, and said the following in a 36 minute media availability:

  • On Joel Quenneville: “Disappointed, but happy for Joel. Less than 48 hours since the end of our season, and the process of identifying the next head coach of the Flyers will start today.” 
  • Scott Gordon “remains a strong candidate” for the job.
  • He had not talked to Quenneville recently. He says the team is just starting the process of finding a new head coach (which is obviously just a generic line, of course they have a shortlist of candidates).
  • Team will be active in trying to make improvements. Can’t control marketplace and trade market. He thinks the club has a lot of good players right now.
  • The biggest concern is giving up too many goals per game, mentions that team was 29th in goals against. “You have no chance of making the playoffs if you’re giving up that many goals.” He doesn’t think it’s an effort issue.
  • Thinks the team has some bad habits that need to be recognized, that’s a focus in training camp, an opportunity to implement changes when practice time is ample.
  • On the coaching search, he mentioned experience and a sharing of philosophy, plus intelligence and communication as desirable traits. “It’s a host of factors. Certainly experience is part of it.”
  • He will work with the head coach on naming the assistant coaching staff. They’ll work quickly on that after making a hire.

More after the jump:

  • Team needs “a couple more proven players, for sure.”
  • Shayne Gostisbehere has had better years than this one. He reiterated that this was a different type of season for the players, with a lot of change in the front office and coaching ranks. That’s harder for young players to adjust to, while veterans might be able to handle it better.
  • Anybody should be considered to be tradeable,” said Fletcher, when asked whether or not his attitude had changed after the trade deadline. He originally said everybody except Claude Giroux was expendable. “Everybody has a price.”
  • He thinks the defense is pretty good. Penalty kill improved as the year went on, goaltending was better. There were games where the defense struggled, had some puck management issues, forwards sometimes making the game tough on the d-men.
  • We’re not good enough right now,” he said, which I think we can all agree with.
  • Not fair” to single out assistant coaches, but they work hard and communicate, special teams started slow then became much better.
  • No surgeries lined up right now, though he said some guys might go in for follow-up procedures, says the group is relatively healthy going into the summer.
  • “Too early to say” whether anybody will be bought out, though Fletcher said he is not a big fan of going that route. He has, however, made buyouts in the past (Thomas Vanek)
  • He does not think this is an elite free agent market (Karlsson, Panarin, S̶t̶o̶n̶e̶ Duchene probably the top three UFAs).

Here’s the full video of Fletcher’s comments:

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15 Responses

  1. Kinker, Stone signed an extension. May want to update that one, bro-hammer. Thanks for the quick read!

  2. This is a joke franchise that will never win anything until they change the old, tired, loser way of thinking – which hasn’t happened. They’ll hire some retread, maybe go 1-and-done in the playoffs, and be right back in the same place in 3 years. Rinse. Repeat.

  3. I was with Sean Brace that night, I’m an EMT. We had to give him 8 stitches on the back of his head. Good thing he was so drunk. I don’t think he remembers any of it

    1. I was at 2004 Masters, the final round I had wicked diarrhea (Mexican food the night before). On the 7th, Sergio Garcia was teeing off when I let loose. An avalanche of brown stink running down my white pant legs accompanied by huge explosions. Sergio was glaring at me and everyone around me ran for safety. Needless to say, I was escorted off the grounds in shame.

  4. Thank you Kevin , for taking down all the islamaphobic comments. Ala akbar!

  5. Hockey is different than other sports. The big name coaches usually do get their teams deep in the playoffs.

    1. I agree with this …most recent really good runs they’ve made have been under Lavy and Hitch. And most deep runs over the years have been with experienced guys …Terry Murray .. Keenan was whole different animal.

  6. So he’s disappointed about Quenneville yet hadn’t talked to him in some time. So he was never serious about him. What a bunch of nothing he gave in this interview. Has he shown ANY signs that he knows what he’s doing or inspired any confidence?

    I sense whoever he brings in is going to get walked all over by the players, who need a strong leader to whip them into shape. This franchise is F-ed for years to come. He just getting his start in the coaching search while Florida was taking care of theirs his whole time. This screams of Fletcher knowing fans are going to hate his pedestrian choice. This is a big market team continuing to make small market decisions.

  7. “team is just starting the process of finding a new head coach” – even if this is total BS theres got to be a million better answers. just started, seriously? why listen to anything else if thats how informative this guy is going to be? i dont need every single detail, just give me a glimmer of hope.

  8. Season ticket holders since their first season, on the red line, second row.
    They lose 10 of their last 13, miss the playoffs and……….
    Season tickets DOUBLED!! went from $127 to $250 per seat!
    Oh they give us $155 seat 20 rows back, in front of a blue line.
    Fuck’em. You keep your goddamn seats, and keep missing the playoffs, and I’ll keep my 20 grand
    After over 50 years, I’m out.
    The arrogance of that organization!
    Ed Snider NEVER would have done this, turned his back on the fanbase like these money grubbing jerks.
    And what does it net them?
    Ffor those 661 seats they are now asked $250 per?
    $250,000 for the entire season!
    Yeah, they really are committed to the fans.
    They are NOT committed top winning, they are committed to making money for themselves.

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