Why Was Amir Johnson on His Cell Phone While the Sixers Were Losing a Playoff Game?

Amir Johnson and Joel Embiid looking at Amir's cell phone
via ESPN

The Sixers looked incredibly poor in their game one playoff loss to the Brooklyn Nets.

Observations tomorrow morning, but first let’s sidebar the cell phone story.

If you haven’t seen it, Amir Johnson was filmed on the national broadcast, showing Joel Embiid something on his cell phone when the Sixers were losing in the second half:


Said Brett Brown after the game:

“First, it’s completely unacceptable. And secondly, we will deal with it internally, I’m sure very soon. It’s not something we are about, and I really don’t even know, I think all of us should learn a little bit more than maybe certainly I do, but on first glance, it is not something that we are and certainly don’t condone. The club will deal with it.”

Embiid came to the podium shortly after Brown and offered this explanation:

“Obviously I wasn’t on my phone. I just looked down because he said his daughter was extremely sick and he was checking on her. I dunno. I just looked. He was checking on his daughter. She’s sick.”

Johnson was seen leaving the Sixers bench shortly after the clip was shown on TV, after the jump:

For context, the NBA doesn’t allow players to use their cell phones on the bench. Violations result in fines and possibly suspension.


The Sixers sent out a pair of statements a short time ago:

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9 Responses

    1. I used to work at Wawa, I miss the Stromboli they used to sell.

      These days it’s “mozerella sticks” which Wawa gets a free pass on because people expect a lesser quality product.

      With that said, I appreciate the convenience and “consistency” of their products…. even if at times their consistency can be paralleled to PWD customer service line.

  1. nothing says generational player like being able to bring the ball up the court, dribbling toward the lane then stopping on a dime to pick up your dribble and just stand there with your thumb up your ass because everyone else is covered and you’re left wide open but refuse to shoot. Also can’t wait for Reddick to be off this team. If he ain’t hitting 3’s, then he’s a beyond net negative player and is it just me or does he continuously do moronic shit in the playoffs like he’s a rookie. He’s soft as shit and a horrible leader. Of course Butler was the only one to show up and sixers fans don’t want him back lol

  2. Celtics beat them last year by aggressively over playing the perimeter, sagging on Simmons who either can’t or won’t shoot, & the opponent exposing every defensive weakness…& The Nets did the exact same thing today. The Sixers will probably/might win this series but I can’t see them beating anyone in 2nd round.

    It’s amazing to think that they added a perennial all star & a 20 pt per game to their starting line up & are probably worse than they were last year’ because they have NO bench & still have same weeaknesses.

    And yet all the national talking heads will tell you how they are an legit contender when Embiid is “on” his game… basically ignoring all thier deficiencies & the fact that Embiid looks out of shape & or always dealing with injuries. Don’t they watch the games?

    But then the NBA is the only league where the games take a back seat to all the other ancillary BS…like w is tanking for the #1 pick, which FA’s are going to team up to form the next super team, & or what social justice issue they try ram down the veiwers throat.

  3. He was on his fucking cell phone because most millennials are fucking
    self absorbed narcissistic fuck wads who only care about
    bull shit social media tweeting, ‘pleaee like me on facebook’
    and doing as much media whoring and celeb ass kissing as possible.

    BTW, did anyone see the new folding screen Samsung smart phone?

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