Bryce Harper and Rhys Hoskins Downed Some In-N-Out

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If you were worried that Bryce Harper and Rhys Hoskins would be feeling down following Thursday’s 5-3 loss to the St. Louis Cardinals, fear not.

I know what you’re thinking. “Who cares, Russ? Let the mashers pound some burgers and fries.” I know, but I need to know what Paul from Roxborough has to say. He hated when Joel Embiid crushed some Shake Shack during the playoffs. Does he feel the same about Bryce and Rhys? Double standard?

For what it’s worth, Hoskins had no regrets:

Good on ya, Rhys. Hit some west coast dingers for us.

Side note: Kudos to Harper on rocking the snapback Flyers cap. Bryce, make sure you remind Kings fans they wouldn’t have won the Stanley Cup without Mike Richards and Jeff Carter.


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  1. comparing a fat fuck lard ass like Embiid to Harper and Hoskins who are in shape.
    yeah. brainless on broad.

    Did Kyle fire that racist Kinkery yet?

    1. This site is complete shit. Haven’t been here in over a year and randomly clicked on an article. It’s all gambling bait and terrible human interest nonsense. What a piece of shit. I hope this isn’t journalism.

  2. Schmitty : Ya know, back in the day, we didn’t eat burgers on game day. It’s just a different generation today. TMac : AHHAWHAWHAWHAW. Krukker: this game is taking too long. Did I tell you that I’m managing my daughters’ softball team in Florida? TMac: Hey, look at that kid with the dripping ice cream cone. AHHAWHAWHAWHAW.

    1. You have TMac down to a tee, good work by you.
      You do need to work on your Schmitty and Krukker.
      Don’t forget Ben talking about his terrible MLB career.

  3. I’m still waiting for that zero KInkeryhead to write an article on what came out the other end.
    He’s so in tune with irrelevant crap like this.

    Don’t forget KInkeryhead. Goya night at CB Park.
    Wear your white cape and hood.

  4. And now they hit like shit tonight. Good job, boys. Shades of Fatboy Embiid and his 5 milkshakes. Grow the fuck up!!!

  5. Is there nothing relevant to write about? Hand in your journalistic card, buddy!

    1. The only good thing about LA (unless you enjoy hoardes of homeless and bean ers)
      Just don’t call them p u t o though.

  6. Sorry I missed the hangout here last night guys. I usually love spending my Friday night hanging here and making bad jokes and complaining about the site.

    Maybe next week!

  7. Krukker: We shouldn’t have to broadcast for more than three hours. And I definitely shouldn’t have to ever do a postgame show. Schmitty: Back in my day, Lefty and Kitty Kaat would do a complete game in less than two hours or Vuke would chew them out. TMac: Sit back and enjoy another edition of Phillies Clubhouse. AHHAWHAWHAWHAW

  8. After Kruk, Ben, Schmitty or Jimmy give an opinion he says, ‘ I would agree with that’ . No shit, really fatso?

  9. Not a single Big Lebowski mention in the comments or in the blog post. You guys suck.

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