Bryce Harper showed off his impressive arm during the fifth inning of last night’s game with this laser to nail Anthony Rizzo at the plate:

An impressive throw and one that would prove critical in the Phillies’ 5-4 win, but I much prefer the one he unleashed after the sixth inning of tonight’s game. Behold, after the jump:

I can confidently conclude that he didn’t break 96 mph on this one–poor form stepping back and going across the body–but it still had plenty of heat.

I guess I’d like to know what caused the heave. Was Harper being an asshole just for the hell of it? Doubt it. He’s been on record about his love for Wrigley Field in the past. Pretty sure the guy has a dog named Wrigley, too, so let’s see what he says about it after the game.

Anyway, this Cubs fan, who’s unfortunately blurred out by the NBC Sports Philly video, didn’t seem to enjoy Harper’s throw as much as I did, or at least the forceful middle finger he offered in response to the throw would seem to indicate as much:

The Friendly Confines? Not tonight.

UPDATE: Middle finger Cubs fan guy gets the last laugh after they walk off against (checks notes) closer Juan Nicasio.