Chase Utley Took Angry Calls From Mets Fans on WFAN This Morning

Chase Utley Talks to Mets fans

Chase Utley, The Man, went on WFAN’s Boomer and Gio show this morning. Things went as you would probably expect, with bitter and misguided Mets fans calling in to voice their distaste for Utley.  

I must say, great idea here. Radio gold.

The highlight of his appearance came during a call by Cali from Connecticut. Cali enjoys Utley’s work with dogs but doesn’t seem to enjoy his past work with Ruben Tejada’s leg during the 2015 NLDS.

Most people would probably get all worked up over such vitriol. Not Chase. Calm, cool, and collected. Check out this coffee sip at the 49-second mark and what I’d call just an overall study in nonchalance, after the jump.

Thank you, sweetheart.”


This might actually be my new play while reading the comments section. If you’re interested, you can listen to Utley’s full WFAN appearance right here:


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  1. I was actually listening while he was on (yes, Philly sports radio has gotten so bad that I listen to the Fan and ESPN radio in the mornings now!). He is STILL the man, but yeah, if that happened to a Philly player, those calls would have been ugly. Credit to Chase for taking the heat. It is a shame though that his image was tainted by that one play…..some would say it was a hard nosed play, others, dirty…it was unfortunate to say the least. Take out slides are not intended to break someone’s leg.

  2. Enough of this guy already, he’s not even a hall of fame calibre player

  3. The guy always wanted to be a Dodger and got his wish. That he got his wish by forcing the Phillies to trade him to LA by sandbagging and faking an injury for his last three years in Philly is beside the point.

    1. By “always wanted to be a Dodger” you mean lose to the Phillies in two consecutive playoffs and never win a title? He sure seemed sad he wasn’t a Dodger before the parade.

      1. South California guy, always wanted to play for his hometown team. Didn’t say he wanted to lose to them.

        When the going got tough here he pretended to be damaged goods and asked for a trade to the Dodgers. Once he got to LA he discovered the fountain of youth and played four more productive years. Spring training this year was he in the Phillies camp or Dodger camp?

        1. He had 1 ok season and 3 terrible seasons with the Dodgers. He was horrible.

        2. Yeah, he was faking the knee condition.

          shhhh. Black helicopters. Margaret, where is my tinfoil hat?

        3. You mean to tell me the man had the NERVE to be at Spring Training with the Dodgers? The very team he works in the front office for? The fucking audacity of this guy.

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