I was gonna write Colin “Cowturd” in the headline but felt like that would have been a poor SEO decision.

Anyway, here’s Cowherd’s Joel Embiid take, and I honestly feel like there’s a lot of truth in these words:

Yeah, he is a high maintenance and noisy guy. But Joel’s ceiling is somewhere between the mesosphere and the thermosphere, so I think you’re willing to be as patient as possible when dealing with a game-changing, generational type of big man like Embiid.

But when Cowherd talks about rolling with Ben Simmons because he’s “quiet,” that’s a bit of a quirk to me. Do you want to deal with the superstar athlete who can do pretty much everything, even if he’s noisy? Or do you focus on a more stable player with a huge, glaring flaw?

I don’t know. That’s a question for the philosophers, or people who like to argue about the Sixers on Twitter.