DraftKings Sportsbook Offering Free Agent Specials on 2020 NBA Title Odds

draftkings sportsbook

It’s never to early for NBA free agency rumors. You can act on those rumors at DraftKings Sportsbook, which is offering 2020 NBA title odds with a batch of specials that include possible destination teams for Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving, Anthony Davis, and Kawhi Leonard:

Looks like Zion Wiliamson is going to be a Pelican, and the Knicks and Lakers have the third and fourth overall picks, so that throws a monkey wrench into the free agent shuffle. The lure of New York, to go play with Zion, I’d assume would be more intriguing for Kyrie and KD. Maybe Irving teams up with LeBron again? Who knows?

Click here to visit DraftKings Sportsbook and place your bet.

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