If NFL Quarterbacks Were Women

Carson Wentz gender filter
via Twitter (@LiamJenkins21)

So there’s this new Snapchat filter out there, and it’s all the rage. It’s a viral sensation.

It’s a gender swap filter, and I guess you just enter your photo or someone else’s photo, and if you’re a man, it shows you what you’d look like as a woman. If you’re a woman, it filters you into a man. I don’t know the first thing about Snapchat, so I’m just making an assumption here.

Anyway, somebody put a bunch of NFL quarterbacks into the filter and this is what they got in return:

Pretty good. Pretty damn good.

I also like how the filter gives every one of them the same hair cut.

Here’s a closer look at Carson Wentz, thanks to everybody’s favorite UK-based Eagles blogger, the one and only Liam Jenkins:

Time’s yours.


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  1. So this is what its come to? Lets normalize trannies now, lets ignore its a mental illness and the liberal media propaganda to push this filth. Bring back RACIST KuKluxKinkhead… ya know, the guy that had a set.

  2. …Just post a photo of Donovan McNabb as himself.

    I’ll be here every Wednesday, folks, don’t forget to tip your waitresses.

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