It’s Probably Time to Extend Baseball Netting Even Further Down the Lines

Foul ball at Astros game
Photo Credit: Erik Williams-USA TODAY Sports

By now you probably saw what happened last night in Houston, a young girl struck by a foul ball and taken to the hospital. Cubs outfielder Albert Almora Jr. was so distraught by the incident that he broke down and was consoled by manager Joe Maddon and his teammates. 

The good news is that the girl appears to be okay:

The bad news is that we’ve got another injury at a baseball game, another injury that was preventable.

That’s probably the sticking point here, the idea that none of these accidents have to happen. Line drive foul balls down the first and third base lines don’t have to enter the crowd. Broken bats don’t need to go flying into the stands in sharpened projectile fashion.

For what it’s worth, Major League Baseball teams were recommended at the beginning of 2018 to expand their netting to the far ends of each dugout, which all 30 did.

That was a result of injuries that took place in years prior, as ESPN’s Jesse Rogers points out, after the jump:

At Yankee Stadium in May 2017, a boy was struck in the head by a portion of Chris Carter’s broken bat. A fan sitting beyond the first-base dugout was hit by a 105 mph foul ball off the bat of Aaron Judge in July of that year. And in September, a young girl was injured by another 105 mph foul ball off the bat of Todd Frazier and was hospitalized. Linda Goldbloom, sitting in a loge area at Dodger Stadium, was hit in the head by a foul ball during the ninth inning of a game on Aug. 25, 2018. Four days later, she died.

Pretty ridiculous, is it not?

Kris Bryant pointed out what I think is obvious, saying the following to ESPN’s Jeff Passan:

“There’s a lot of kids coming to the games — young kids who want to watch us play, and the balls come in hard. I mean, the speed of the game is quick, and I think any safety measure we can take to, you know, make sure that the fans are safe, we should do it.”

If we’re looking at realistic, common sense scenarios, we extend the netting from foul pole to foul pole. Is it clunky and annoying? Yeah, it is. Does Zack Hample catch fewer foul balls? You bet. Maybe some folks would feel like their view is obstructed if they’re looking down through the netting from a larger portion of the stadium, instead of strictly from the premium seats behind home plate and down the 1st and 3rd base lines.

But I honestly think you’re at risk to get drilled by a ball whether you’re paying attention or not, whether you’re 5 years old or 25 years old. With the way dudes are hitting the ball these days, you could be totally dialed in and focused and still get cranked by a foul ball before getting a chance to react. Your view could be blocked by another fan. The ball could take a deflection off a seat or concrete walkway. There are a lot of different scenarios in play here.

I saw a lot of baseball purist takes on social media last night and this morning, folks suggesting a solution of moving kids to different areas of the ballpark, which makes sense, but I’m not sure how realistic that is. Like I said, kids aren’t the only ones being hit. You’ve got people of all ages getting plunked, and not all of them are distracted, looking at their phone, talking to a friend, or chowing down on crab fries.

If we’re trying to prevent bad situations such as…. you know… a little girl getting hit in the head by a 100 MPH line drive, then I think we all know what the most common sense solution is. If we’re not putting fan safety first at sporting events, then what does that really say about us as human beings?

Just look at the reactions here:


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  1. or her parents could pay better attention or people can stop being zombies on their phones

    1. Why did the parent allow their kid to be in such an exposed part of the seating area?
      Parents have to be held accountable for their fucking actions.
      Lazy fucks

  2. Looks like actor Stephen Root in the orange astros hat

  3. Ballparks should ban parents bringing their children into any exposed seats and you should also accept the personal responsibility to pay attention at the time you purchase any seat that has the potential for exposure like this.

    It sure sounds like youre advocating we bubble-wrap the entire world, maybe what we should do is is take this one step further and place the entire field behind a net. people could still be injured though, so maybe the better solution would be to put the stands behind plexiglass instead…

    or better yet, if we’re putting people behind glass, why dont we just put the game on TV and let people watch the game on that instead? just firewall any kind of interaction a fan might have with the game.

    Whatever we do, we just need the solution doesnt involve fans take any form of personal responsibility at all. This would be 100% preventable if fans would just sit in a padded room with a TV.

    1. But I am sure it would be a different story, if you were leaning down to get one of your 17 dollar dogs and got drilled in your fat third chin, no?

      1. So you’ve no actual rebuttal to my point?

        Got it.

        You should probably get out to the grand canyon and start building a fence around it so no one accidentally fall in. Deaths from falling into the grand canyon are 100% preventable and it is absolutely asinine that we havent kept people from dying that way as a society in 2019.

        1. I’ll answer for him. No because your point is stupid. To make that kind of comparison proves you either are really dumb or just a troll. Just in case you’re that dumb, let me help you. Putting up a net so you don’t have to sit with your head on a swivel at a f—- baseball game doesn’t mean you belong in a safe space. It means that you should be able to enjoy being at a game, interacting with people, and enjoying the experience. It’s not that hard to comprehend, you moron.

          1. then sit ANYwhere else in the park . be an adult and take a little personal responsibility

          2. So you spend good money to go to the game to not watch the game is what you’re saying? Go to the bar if you want to socialize and play on your phone like a brain dead zombie

          3. Neither is your lack of responsibility.
            Read the back of the fucking ticket as to the terms of using it.
            If you don’t agree to it, don’t goto the fucking game.
            Go to the bar if you want to socialize and play on your phone like a brain dead zombie
            your moron.

      2. exactly. this slob probably couldn’t catch a ball if he wanted to. So you’re saying you have to be an MLB caliber athlete to go to a game? STFU.

  4. Now we gotta extend nets because her parents were playing with their phones and not paying attention. The fact is, baseballs need to be banned from entering the crowd! pussification continues. Who wastes a $200 seat to a game on a six year old girl anyway? Take her for ice cream and get a babysitter.

  5. AH yes let’s inconvenience the majority of baseball fans attending games by forcing them to watch the game in their expensive seats through a net so we can to protect the super super small amount of fans that get hit by balls (most of which would be avoidable by paying attention).

    Inconveniencing the majority to help the minority is the new American way.

    1. Do you have any information to share showing that most people get hurt by not paying attention? Or is it just a made up assumption?

      Also, you are aware there are a majority of people in less expensive seats, so it would actually be inconveniencing the minoority to project the minority?

      Wouldn’t one kid not going to the hospital be enough to say hey, maybe my view is a little less important than a 4 year old’s skull?

      1. It’s not MY view it’s the view of 99.9% of people who spend money to go to a baseball game. Maybe you should be a good parent and leave your kid at home if it’s so dangerous for them to attend a baseball game without a net covering every single seat not in the outfield.

        1. Or ensure baseball is a family friendly event by keeping everyone safe and not actually inconveniencing anyone in the least? You sound like a snowflake.

          I don’t think the lower level foul pole to foul pole constitutes 99.9% of seats, but what I do know…

  6. We are exposed to risk every second of the day. People need to understand this and grasp that bad shit can and will happen. Its unfortunate this happened but, its not exactly a tragedy. A known potential outcome came to fruition. If you are unable to accept the risk, dont sit in a high risk area. While we are at it lets go beyond the MLB and put a net in the grand canyon to catch all the people falling into it.

    1. thanks for that deep commentary Confucius . Or you could just watch it for what it is – an overly concerned baseball player who felt bad for hurting a little girl. No one needs you to explain life is dangerous.

  7. How come the people who say everyone's offended by everything seem to be the only ones offended by everything says:

    There’s either some really fake tough guys on here or just complete morons or both. To think putting in safety measures to prevent fan injury is a bad idea might make you the dumbest person on the planet. Baseball is exactly the sport where you don’t need to focus 100% of your time watching the batter. Baseball games are about the environment around the game. I hope they put up more netting because not only will people be more protected, but also the morons who accuse everyone of being offended by everything, can stay home. Nothing says being a good parent than telling your kid to stay home so daddy can go down to the ballpark because he’d be real mad to have to watch the game through a net that you don’t even notice when watching.


      It is always the ones who say everyone is offended you are always offended. Always. Without fail.

    2. exactly. and the fake tough guys whining are the same fat slobs who couldn’t catch the ball if they saw it coming from a mile away.

    3. preach my man, too many fake tough guy douche bags posting drivel in here (shocker)

        1. I'm here to troll and laugh hysterically at kevins curly hair and coverage of SJW events, convicts, and soccer says:

          lol just look at how Kevin is built and his profession. everyone that disagree’s with the loud vocal minority of liberals gets attacked on this page and its hilarious. but i’m here just to troll.

          1. what would possibly make you think I’m a liberal?

            the problem with you far right jabronies is that you think anyone who is not a Trump supporter is automatically a “pussy liberal SJW” or whatever, as if moderates or independents don’t exist in 2019

        2. “pay attention to the game” is a dumb opinion. nobody sits there and watches 4 hours of baseball without looking down at their phone, or talking to a friend, or zoning out for a minute while eating a hot dog or drinking a soda

          if your answer is to keep children at home or make them sit in the nosebleed section, then what the fuck kind of solution is that? we’re gonna remove children from certain areas instead of coming up with a simple solution that allows them to watch the sport and enjoy the experience and partake in this country’s pastime?

          this is not some pussy liberal SJW take, it’s a common sense take to allow children to continue to attend baseball games without the risk of getting blasted in the face by a 100 mph foul ball

          1. It’s no wonder this is a haven for these red-neck fake patriot wannabees. They can flap their gums in anonymity all day long. Don’t waste your time Kev. The tough guys never miss a single pitch. But if it was their daughter who took a rocket to the head, they’d finally get it. They aren’t smart enough to put themselves in other’s shoes. It’s a gene they don’t possess.

          2. the game has existed for 140 years.

            More people have died having a heart attack watching the game, falling off the 2nd deck, or getting stabbed in the parking lot outside the stadium than a killer +100mph foul ball.

            Humans are bad at putting risk into perspective. It is amazing to me that youre advocating for putting up netting to prevent a freak accident but fine with the potential risk you expose yourself to just driving to the game. Every time you put your child in a car, youre rolling the dice. I see people texting on their phone while they cross the street, people wander away from their stove while they are cooking, people standing on the yellow line at a train station..

            I just think youre lacking the perspective on the actual risk that is posed. I understand this is a topic because it is sports related. I look forward to your next article pushing to have umpires who are overweight removed from MLB, because they do stand a higher risk standing out in the sun to have a cardiac event and die. It happened to John McSherry in 1996. I know I wont see an article trying to prevent another death like that from you though, even though it would be preventable and would save more lives than a net.

            I dont think you actually care about risk

            1. lol dude, you realize all of those examples you just listed – we have evolved how we approach each one of those?

              like we literally try to make those things safer to reduce the RISK of accidents and injuries

              -we have airbags for cars, child seats, and seat belts

              -we literally are passing laws that fine people for texting while driving and walking

              -we have continually tried to make appliances like stoves and grills safer

              Human beings continue to do things to MINIMIZE RISK AND MAKE THINGS SAFER FOR THE GENERAL PUBLIC. These are common sense principles to keep people from being injured and/or DYING.

              Nobody says, “well stoves were great in the 1920s! they don’t need to be changed!”

              You literally are not changing the game of baseball by extending the netting, you’re just adding another common sense layer of protection to help a fucking five year old girl not get hit in the face

          3. Shouldn’t you be wiping your ass with a mexican flag or insulting someone who is not white
            with your racist remarks?

      1. I live in the same hood as you, I was there prior to it gentrifying, any time you’d like to test what’s fake, let me know. i’ll meet you at les and Doreeen’s. You’re a racist loser anyway.

          1. So that’s a no, gotcha. You’re the jackass racist who qualifies anyone with an opinion that leans more towards personal responsibility as a fake tough guy, says you’re not a liberal SJW. Who’s the fake?

            1. Here’s what’s up, naive gentrification complainer guy:

              A little girl got hit in the face with a baseball last night. The player who hit her was emotionally distraught and clearly affected by what happened. People suggested that MAYBE we should look for solutions so that little girls don’t get hit in the face by baseballs. YOUR TAKE is to blame the parents for “not paying attention” when the video doesn’t even show the parents prior to the foul ball.

              Then you come at me, a political moderate, and tell me to shove my safety net up my “SJW liberal bubble wrapped arse” before signing off with a boring soccer comment

              congratulations, you have outed yourself as a white trash Fishtown MAGA douche

          2. you’re a fucking idiot kinker.
            You expect everyone and everything to adapt to your behavior AND be responsible for it,
            instead of being responsible for it yourself.
            Grow the fuck up and act responsible instead of passing the buck.

            If you walk into traffic because you’re looking at you’re fucking phone you deserve to be run over.

          3. hahaha Kinky is super protective over daughters now since some sweat hog let him drop his pussy seed in her. Kinky still can’t handle that America is MAGA now and his pussy way of being coddled is over.

        1. Les and Doreen’s is your tough guy bar? I got drunk in there in roller skates once after playing hockey at the Rec. It is the friendliest bar in Fishtown. You might as well said, “meet me at Loco Pez!”

          You pansy. The Applebees on Aramingo has a rougher crowd than Kelly’s Happy Tap.

          1. Kinker had mentioned it one time in the first line of a post he wrote which is as far as you can usually get before falling asleep. We are all here for the comments. He tried to characterize everybody in the conversation leaning towards personal responsibility as a “fake tough guy”, “MAGA douche”. He’s uncomfortable if people aren’t classified into neat little boxes. There’s no doubt MLB will put the nets up and these SJW idiots will believe it’s because the league cares about the kid and they had some part in righting an injustice. MLB will do it to cover themselves legally. it’s just another loss for common sense and the belief in personal responsibility. Every time an Entity does what the MLB will certainly do it opens the door a little further for frivolous lawsuits and lines the pockets of ambulance chasers and insurance company execs, raises all our insurance rates. That’s big picture thinking though and guys like Kinker can’t grasp that. They’re SJW’s driven by an emotional response to fix things with regulations or laws. The best part is if you had a beer with them they’d tell you they’re staunch libertarians. It just sets the bar a little lower on what’s considered responsible parenting. In their 30’s and they all need nannies, let alone their kids. The nets at the Rec are like 40′ apart, the rink at Cione and the one that was near the Berks El stop were great Rinks.

        2. oh how cute. let’s meet up and fight. you know cause whoever can beat the other up has the best argument. you’re such a pussy.

  8. baseball games last 3 hours. You pay attention to each pitch if you’re actually there to watch the game. There’s plenty of time to look at your phone or chit chat between pitches, innings, pitching changes, reviews. if you’re a parent and you bring a six year old to a game and sit them in a high danger area without paying attention you suck at parenting and should not have procreated. Stick your net up your SJW liberal bubble wrapped arse. oh… and your soccer podcast sucks.

      1. Kevin has been losing since 2016. MAGA douches would plant his curly haired, count chocula goatee into the ground. Finally he is admitting he is like every single Boyertown Democrat kay kay kay member. He was so excited during the Hussein presidency that his way of being a lesser man was becoming acceptable. Go kick your soccer ball Kinky and your kid will be the next Keira Missanelli

  9. Since little kevy wevy is so active in this chat, can we finally get some closure as to why he got fired for making racist tweets? I’d love to hear his take on the irony that is him chastising commenters for being racist, yet as far as I know, none of those commenters has ever gotten fired for tweeting racist slurs.

    1. Someone from CB should address it, terrible… and end that terrible soccer podcast as well.

  10. What’s the percentage of kids hurt by foul balls at baseball games vs the total amount of kids who attend baseball games? How can you possibly justify such a drastic change to the lay out of stadiums and views of the fans forced to sit in any of the sections affected just to protect the two kids who are hit every year?

    1. Since Kevin is a SJW pussy he will answer that even if 1 child is injured that is 1 child too many! Yet, he champions being a Pro Choicer her body her choice that MURDERS millions of babies each year. These IDIOT so called educated liberals are beyond easy to beat just by using logic

  11. classify certain sections as high risk and if you sit in those sections with a child, the child must wear a helmet during play. No?

  12. Not one person against the netting has explained how that would interrupt their viewing experience. Do you hate the boards in hockey too? It’s not that big of a deal you idiots. Don’t go to the game if you’re so offended by safety. I haven’t heard one person complain about the existing netting. But now that the maga losers think they have a powerful voice, everyone else is a SJW or whatever because we think reducing the risk of a child getting injured is a bad thing. You all are lying out of your ass if you say you sit there, eyes focused on every single second of the game action. Just worry about your next maga rally and cut the brakes and seat belts of your car’s while you’re at it since safety is now a SJW thing.

    1. hahaha here is another pro choice her body her choice pussy. MAGA won no? MAGA keeps winning no? You liberals lost an election that you rigged and that saw 11 million ILLEGAL immigrants vote in it hahaha so yes our MAGA voices are louder than your high pitched, wigger, crying that you always lose voices. Loud mouth, shouting, screaming, crying liberal pussy hahaha

      1. wow – yeah you really showed him. The difference is Kev is here posting on his own name while you can hide in your mom’s basement with your Maga hat on. Maga hasn’t won sh!t. He has the lowest approval rating in centuries…he’s done nothing for anyone including Republicans except spew his racist BS which you buy right into because now you think your childish behavior is validated.

        You don’t care that a girl got hit in the head…you wouldn’t care if she died…she’s just a number. Not your daughter. The bottom line is…no one cares what you or I think…if a baseball team is gonna get sued because a girl died on their property, they are gonna extend the netting. Period. So take your fake macho BS and your white supremacist, fake-fairy tale religious BS and just wait for the orange Cheeto to get impeached or beaten in a year and a half. You know it’s coming…and you’re terrified. Everyone knows he’s hiding a shady past of business dealings in his tax returns and otherwise. But you don’t care…you’ll defend a guy who lets you flaunt your fairy tale religion and your macho white strut from the 1950s. America was never great for everyone…only white dudes like you. Pussy.

  13. Enough. Use common sense. Freak accidents occur. It’s awful and prayers that the little girl is OK, but it was an accident. This has happened a handful of times over thousands and thousands of ballgames. People die in car accidents every day. Are we going to get rid of cars??? NBA players go barreling into the stands almost every game, so are they going to have to put up boards now? There are plenty of seats offered in the stadium that are not in “foul ball” range. It’s ridiculous that if you sit in the lower level at a baseball game, you have to watch the game through a net. And don’t get me started on hockey. I mean, what’s next? If a kid falls down the stairs at the stadium, are we going to have to put padding on all steps?? Should we wrap everyone in bubblewrap upon entrance to the stadium. This world overreacts to every little incident now and it’s disgusting.

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