Jabroni Boston Radio Host Hangs Up on Carolina Hurricanes Beat Writer

fred jabroni toucher
via CBS Boston

Saw this on Awful Announcing this morning. It doesn’t have anything to do with Philly, but the story made me cringe and I felt like it was worth posting.

The Boston Bruins are playing the Carolina Hurricanes in the Eastern Conference Finals. Game one tonight at 8 p.m.

From the article:

…Boston radio station WBZ-FM (98.5 The Sports Hub) had Raleigh News and Observer Hurricanes beat writer Chip Alexander on “Toucher & Rich” to talk hockey Wednesday morning.

After Alexander was on the phone for just over four minutes, host Fred Toucher hung up on him. Toucher explained, “I just can’t listen to a guy with a southern accent talk about hockey.”

Here’s the clip in question. Alexander comes on around the 16 minute mark and Toucher hangs up about five minutes late.

After the jump:

Couple of thoughts:

  1. This was a disrespectful douche move in general. The guy didn’t say or do anything to justify hanging up on him.
  2. Nobody who lives in Boston should ever make fun of somebody else’s accent.
  3. Toucher isn’t even from Boston, he’s a Detroit native.

Hurricanes by 400 million tonight. I pray to the Lord Jesus in Heaven for a Carolina sweep. And Don Cherry can also go pound sand for complaining about the ‘Canes postgame celebrations.

Ugh, I hate the Boston Bruins. Even just saying that team name makes me uncomfortable. It makes me wanna projectile vomit from the top of the Bunker Hill Monument.

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22 Responses

  1. How about the fact that these Boston slushmouths pronounced it “Rally” instead of “Raleigh.”

    Or the fact that this guy’s “southern accent” wasn’t even that thick.

    Boston’s a racist dump and the fact that global warming will one day wipe these dipshits off the planet makes me happy.

  2. Is that the fat dude Frank from American Pickers?

  3. I’m a Philly transplant in Boston, the 98.5 Sports Hub drive shows are light years ahead of anything Philly has. I love my Philly teams but the sports talk options are pathetic compared to what the Sports hub is producing.

  4. I just can’t figure out, for the life of me, why the sports gods bestowed so much winning on that city. I just hope if Philadelphia ever has a run like they are having we don’t become the elitist pricks they’ve become. Boston couldn’t smell a championship outside of the Celtics for 40 years, now they look down on others.

    1. Apparently you weren’t at the Eagles Super Bowl parade or been exposed to Sports talk radio, twitter, Eagles beat writers, Eagles players, Comcast SportsNet, WIP, 97.5, this website, Bleeding Green Nation, Jason Kelce’s inflated ego, etc. etc. since February 2018….and that was ONE Super Bowl.

  5. somebody already updated this douche’s Wikipedia page to add the following (seriously)

    “In 2019, an overweight and unkempt Toucher hung up on a journalist, that he requested to be a guest on the show, because he didn’t like his Southern accent and the journalist held a differing opinion than The Toucher. The most recent event illustrated that, as a native of Detroit that resides in Boston, the creepy Toucher has a poor grasp of both self awareness and irony. “

  6. What douchebags like Toucher (come on guy, is that your real name?) don’t realize is that the southern cities with hockey teams are populated with Northern expats that will get behind a team. I saw the Flyers lose to the Canes on New Years Eve in Raleigh and the place was packed. I am going to disagree about the post game celebration and call it lame but the local fans love it. Fuck Boston and their trash media personalities.

  7. Skip B@yless, Colin Cowturd and Mike Wilbone to name a few

  8. Can’t listen to a southern accent? The Boston accent makes everyone south of the mason-dixon line sound like geniuses. What a racist, awful excuse for a city Boston is.

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