Lane Johnson is All In on the Sixers

underdogs Lane Johnson
via Twitter (Lane Johnson)

Remember when the Eagles were underdogs on their home field, despite being the #1 seed in the playoffs?

Yeah, me too.

Lane Johnson is invoking that theme as he throws support behind the Sixers:

Ben Simmons can’t shoot!

Joel Embiid can’t stay healthy!

Jimmy Butler doesn’t wanna be here!

Tobias Harris is inconsistent!

JJ Redick is too old!

Brett Brown can’t coach!

It’s the whole damn team!

I imagine a Jason Kelce speech would go something like that if it was instead applied to the local basketball team.

Game six tonight.

It is a must win game.


8 Responses

  1. Hopefully the Sixers get Spags to ring the bell, he’s a friend of Cuz and a Philly legend!

  2. Lane Johnson is a pandering try-hard who is a known cheater and one bad drug test away from never playing pro football again.

      1. The Haterade that is chock full of performance enhancing drugs like your boy, Lane.

  3. They were the 1 seed with home field throughout, WHEN WERE THEIR BACKS EVER AGAINST THE WALL?!

      1. Franchise QB? You mean, the guy easily replaced by the journeyman QB twice in two seasons?

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