Meet the Philadelphia Eagles’ First Male Cheerleader

via 6 ABC

Let’s give a warm Philadelphia welcome to Kyle Tanguay, who is the Birds’ newest cheerleader. He’s the first dude to make the squad, ever.

Some info via Action News

The Philadelphia Eagles will have a male cheerleader at home games this upcoming season.

Kyle Tanguay was one of the talented dancers chosen during Tuesday night’s final tryouts for the 2019 Eagles Cheerleading Squad.

Tanguay is from Rochester, New Hampshire.

According to his website, he started dancing at the age of 10. He is currently a student at the University of the Arts.

Quinton Peron and Napolean Jinnies were the first male cheerleaders in the NFL when they joined the Los Angeles Ram squad in 2018. They also became the first to perform at the Super Bowl.

Yeah, cool. Welcome aboard.

Men make for good cheerleaders because they are natural “bases” and “spotters.” At least I think that’s the case. My mom has been a cheerleading coach for decades, and I think that’s what you call the people who lift the 5 foot, 95 pound girls into the air, where they do a triple back flip or some other crazy stunt.

Of course the social media comments on this story are all over the place. People still have an issue with male cheerleaders in 2019, for whatever reason, but as long as Kyle is a hard-working, blue collar, lunch pail carrying Philly guy, he’s good in my book.

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30 Responses

      1. Oh this poof is far from a “hard working, blue collar, lunch pail carrying Philly guy”
        He attends University of the Arts for god sakes.
        This twinkle toes Tinker Bell wouldn’t know the first thing about hard labor.

    1. another article to skip and go to the comments.. if you wanted a date kink, you should have just asked instead of writing a ridiculous post about it. Reading this is like listening to jason and the cuz.

  1. Hello?!?!?!?!? Eye candy! Is it getting hot in here or is it just me? LOL!
    Enjoy your lunch folks!

    – Kate

  2. Well… I’m fully endorsing C B S Kevin’s thoughts on this situation. On a funny note, Philadelphia is about to be known for something other than the Santa Clause thing when this democrat takes an ice ball off his head at the Linc in December

  3. As long as he’s not Mexican, right Kevy?

    That sensitivity training really paid off! Guess you slingshotted too far to the other side though, thinking you’re so morally high-grounded that you can judge others opinions.

    1. Cuz wouldn’t make it through pre game introductions before his primo stuffed face would burst and he keeled over with a coronary.

  4. A man gave me… a massage.
    He was… touching and rubbing.
    And then I took my pants off.
    For my hamstring.
    He got about two inches from… there.
    I think it moved.
    It may have moved, I don’t know.
    It moved! It was imperceptible but I felt it.
    No, no. It wasn’t a shift, I’ve shifted, this was a move.
    That’s the sign! The test; if a man makes it move.

  5. These dude is gonna slay all those female cheerleaders. My man gonna have a bunch of baby momma’s soon.

  6. Can see this guy cheerleader accidentally walking in the players locker room on purpose

    1. I would walk into cheerleaders locker room. And lets be fair here no discrimination. You should be able to shower with them also.

  7. Can we put Kinkead back on paternity leave? This site is so much better when he’s not around.

  8. By the looks of him, he’s comfortable being on the bottom, so this should work out great

  9. The Cowboys are famous for our cheerleaders.

    The Eagles think there are 37 genders and they should have one of each as cheerleaders.

    Just wait until some “die hard” Eagles fan lights this guy up with a D battery.

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