Monty Williams is Going to the Phoenix Suns

Monty Williams is heading to Phoenix
Photo Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

It was made officially official today.

Sixers assistant Monty Williams is heading to Phoenix to become the Suns’ next head coach.

Here’s what Brett Brown had to say during a Friday conference call:

“Where do you begin? I’ve known Monty for 15, 16 years now. I think let’s just start with the person. Anybody who pays attention even a little bit understands that he can lead people, one. And I think that he is an emerging, relatively young coach that is incredibly relational. I think he’s prideful in studying how to be an NBA coach with all of the people he’s been around, with Pop, I hope he’s taken something from our program. He’s been a head coach in New Orleans. I think the time he spent with USA Basketball from a coaching perspective and a relational perspective, some of those All-Stars and gold medalists, that environment is priceless. I think with Phoenix, sometimes when you hear about fits – I felt the same thing about Billy Lange when he went to St. Joseph’s – I felt it was a completely natural fit. And I think from a gut feel and outside observation, the Phoenix Suns and Monty Williams are a fantastic partnership. I think he’s gonna be great.”

If you’re one of those “Monty Williams is actually coaching the Sixers” conspiracy theorists, or even if you just think his influence over Brett Brown is significant, you’re not going to get to test that theory moving forward. Williams will stay in Philly through the playoffs.

Brett has lost two assistants in about six weeks. Billy Lange took the St. Joe’s gig after Phil Martelli’s firing. Jim O’Brien, who was serving as Brown’s advisor this year, has since replaced him on the bench.

Monty is gonna have some promising young talent to work with in Phoenix. He previously coached the Hornets/Pelicans from 2010 to 2015 and played his final NBA season with the Sixers.

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  1. Yo Kuck boy, what’s Kyle’s drug of choice? Oxy/Dope or Meth or Coke/Crack? He was looking scrawny as f-k in that batting cage down at CBP yesterday. And in his gambling videos he looks wired to the hilt when he talks and points at shit. Part of me is being a wise-ass but there is about 10% of me being serious when I ask this. He looks noticeably different than before and not in a good way. Could be stress from his failed LYFT IPO investment, marital problems, having a baby, dealing with sponsors bc of your dark past, any number of reasons that lead to his addiction.

  2. I’m sure he’ll really enjoy his one year there.

    Why anyone would take the Suns job at this point is mind-boggling.

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