Sixers Notes: Turnovers, Early Offense, and the Mike Scott Tattoo

Brett Brown and the media, May 1st

Mike Scott took his place in front of gathered media on Wednesday afternoon and remarked at how high the microphone stand was raised in front of him.

“What’s up y’all? Shit. Is this for Jo? God damn,” he said.

Scott missed games one and two of the Eastern Conference semifinals with what the Sixers call “heel contusion/plantar fasciitis – right foot,” but participated in Wednesday’s walkthrough and also took part in some 3v3 work after the session.

“Feels good. We’ll see about playing,” the veteran said of game three. “But it feels better every day. Continue to get treatments, continue to work out. Feels better though. It felt good to get up and down the court again, get a sweat.”

Scott is out of the walking boot entirely and returned his scooter, which he described as “dope.” He was able to do some shooting, defensive rebounding, and sliding in a Tuesday workout as well.

He’s also looking forward to playing in front of a Philly crowd again and shouted out a Sixers fan who recently got himself a Mike Scott tattoo, after the jump:

Greg Monroe was the only other guy on the injury report, and he also practiced Wednesday after leaving game two with a left ankle sprain.

“It’s fine. It’s getting better,” Monroe said. “Getting treatment around the clock, just trying to to sweat it out, but it’s fine right now.”

The ankle feels better than it did yesterday, according to the Sixers’ center, who wasn’t even on the roster until five weeks ago. He went for 10 points and 5 rebounds in 12 surprisingly solid minutes off the bench on Monday night.

Joel Embiid stayed after practice a bit longer to work on some free throw shooting and go through a perimeter close-out drill with assistant coach Monty Williams.

Embiid struggled through illness and his recurring knee issue in a 2-7 game two shooting performance, but feels like he can solve the puzzle.

“I’m watching a lot of film,” he said. “I’ve always figured out somehow (to improve). I’ve been in these types of situations before. I’m gonna figure it out. I’m not too worried about it. But at the end of the day, it’s about doing what I’m asked to do. If it’s setting screens and rolling to the basket or finding guys when I’m double or triple teamed, I’m gonna keep doing that. I’m not gonna force shooting because I’m not averaging the same amount of points I was before. If I only have to take five shots a game but I’m making the right decisions, then that’s what I have to do.”

Brett Brown noted that Embiid has been forced to pass out of doubles and suggested that early offense was an area of focus in terms of getting Ben Simmons going on that end of the floor.

“It’s one of our strengths,” Brown explained. “If you’re scouting the 76ers you probably are going to say, as I say with Toronto, that you should be mindful of the first three seconds. For Ben Simmons and dribble-out guys like Jimmy and Tobias and so on, it’s easy to talk about that than at times it is to do it, when you’re extending your heavyweight (players) into 40+ minutes. To think you’re gonna come out in an NBA playoff game and think you’re going to turn it into a track meet is really naive. So we hope to run as much as we can. It’s an advantage. But to think it’s going to be the separation point is ambitious.”

The head ball coach also talked about turnovers, of which his team committed 20 in game two.

“You go back and categorize them and there can be things like just a basic sloppy pass. There could be stuff where you could have come to a jump stop and you didn’t and you take off on one foot without a plan. You either throw it away or run somebody over. There’s execution things, maybe a bit better screening action to free somebody up. So to blanket stuff ‘oh that’s a turnover,’ I think we had four turnovers where we tried to offensive rebound and just pushed Kyle Lowry. Those types of things we hope to reduce.”

These are fixable. These are the turnovers to reduce:

Toronto converted those 20 turnovers into 24 game two points.

If the Sixers help themselves in this area, even getting down to their season average in the 15-16 range, they’ll be in a lot better shape tomorrow night.

Game three looms.

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  1. Kyle tweeted out another pic of him in shorts today.

    Uh. Yikes. It may actually be a Mangina down there.

  2. Trigger bating but nut Kevin totally failed to succeed. None of us give a fuck that the Eagles have a gay cheerleader. The fact is us trump loving alpha males don’t have an issue with gays. It’s the left that tries to patronize them and use them as pawns. Trump 2020 baby.

  3. How shitty is it gonna be for Toronto when Kawhi signs with the Clippers this offseason and they’re left with Siakam and then basically nothing else? Bitchy boy Lowry is washed. They’re gonna be a fringe playoff team after this season, so they better make it count.

  4. Heard Kyle mortgaged his 2nd home on the LYFT IPO and is hurting bad. I tried to warn him about listening to Jim Cramer.

    Between this and the controversy over advertisers fleeing, heard things are getting touchy in the Slack channel.

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