Tony Bruno Called a $500,000 Kentucky Derby Bet, But Didn’t Play It

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Beautiful, man.

Tony Bruno is doing his independent thing these days, and Friday he put out his annual Kentucky Derby picks on his daily Twitch show.

Bruno asked his friend, ESPN radio producer John Martin, to write down the following five horses:

  • 8 (Tacitus)
  • 5 (Improbable)
  • 13 (Code of Honor)
  • 16 (Game Winner)
  • 20 (Country House)

Sure enough, here’s how the derby finished after Maximum Security was disqualified:

  1. Country House
  2. Code of Honor
  3. Tacitus
  4. Improbable
  5. Game Winner

Don’t believe me?

Here’s audio proof of Bruno calling the Superfecta:

So Tony is now rich, right? Not exactly.

He didn’t actually bet those horses:

“I had my picks on the note pad used to read from on the show, got to the Turf Club 4 hours before the race, and started dabbling with numerous trifectas and supers, but like a moron, only included the long shot 20 horse in a couple of trifectas which included the 7 horse. So, the 7 horse screw up also cost me a chance of winning the one trifecta where I had the 7 and 20 coupled. Dumbest and most costly mistake of my life.”

So a five horse bet in a one dollar super box would require a $120 wager and return $51,400.

Playing a Super High Five by risking another $120 on the same five-horse selection would return $544,183.

Just gotta trust your gut and put in those wagers.
It’s an outrage!
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5 Responses

  1. It’s called putting your money where your mouth is. If you talk enough shit, eventually things wil

    1. unless you’re the sixers or flyers and play in an arena that has existed since the early 1990’s
      and your teams haven’t won a championship in.

  2. Not to many idiots would risk $120 playing a 4 horse super fecta.

    You ‘could have’ cornered the exacta by wheeling all legs for $684
    and that paid off about 3 G’s. So you would have come out ~2300$ ahead.
    But that also is a usually a shit show and almost never pays off enough to cover.

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