Woman Tries to Message Bryce Harper, Sends Photo to Kayla Harper Instead

via Instagram

Today in Instagram errors, we’ve got some model trying to slide into Bryce Harper’s direct messages.

However, “Jordan” accidentally slid into Kayla Harper’s DMs instead, which resulted in Kayla producing this #content via Instagram story:


“If you’re going to try and go after a married man, the least you could is be smart enough to message his Instagram account and not his wife’s”

Words for all of us to live by.

Consider this a lesson learned, Jordan.


11 Responses

  1. Whoa! Look at that freak! Thats a tan ten ten found on the Dixie Highway

  2. Does everyone get to read this Kinker or just subscribers ?

    Any update on the Kardashians, Kev? Anything of KYW-TV firing you for discrimination ?

  3. The fact that Kev sits there and thinks to himself “wow, this is some newsworthy stuff” is embarrassing. This shit happens everyday where some middle aged dude pretending to be a hot chick Dm’s people for money. Get with the times and get a fucking clue.

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