You’re Forced to Cheer for a Boston Sports Team; Which One do you Choose?

Boston sports teams
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Another Boston team is playing for a championship. The fucking Bruins have won eight straight playoff games and are now up 1-0 in the Stanley Cup finals after scoring three unanswered goals to erase a 2-0 deficit and take game one over the St. Louis Blues.

Not sure about you, but I’m a lifelong Blues fan. Lifelong beginning this past weekend, because I’ll cheer for anybody playing against a Boston team. I might buy my daughter a Vladimir Tarasenko onesie and I’ll wear a matching Jay Bouwmeester sweater ahead of game two.

But I had a weird thought last night, and I’m not sure why. Could be masochism. I threw up what I thought was a rather challenging Twitter poll:

If you HAD to pick a Boston team to cheer for, who would you pick?

As of 10:14 this morning, the results currently show:

Hmm.. the Red Sox? I guess that does make sense, considering that they’re an American League team. The Patriots are disgusting and loathsome cheaters. The Celtics are a rival and knocked the Sixers out of playoffs last year, so I understand both of those teams are pulling just 10%.

The Bruins are second, at 31%, which I also don’t think is surprising. I guess they’re not as revolting as the Pats and Celtics, even though Brad Marchand is a dirty little weasel. Can’t trust him.

Not surprisingly, a number of Philly fans would choose death over cheering for Boston, after the jump:

I think the worst part of all of this is that Boston is actually a great city. I mean, once you get past the hideous accents, it’s really very similar to Philly. Lots of history and culture, wonderful food and beer scene, lots of character and flavor. That may be actually what is most disappointing, since a phenomenal American city is now filled with loathsome Patriots, Bruins, Red Sox, and Celtics fans. It really does tarnish Boston as a whole and it makes my skin crawl just thinking about it.

So uh, yeah, if you had to pick one, you are picking _________ ???


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  1. For my man HuK and the Boston Uprising.

    …all other options form bile in my esophagus.

  2. boston college eagles are my pick so they are as shatty as every Philadelphia team

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