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Zach Ertz Off to France to Support His Wife at the Women’s World Cup

Russ Joy - June 12, 2019

Fresh off a 13-0 drubbing of Thailand in the Women’s World Cup, the US Women’s National Team is about to add to their supporters section. Eagles tight end Zach Ertz is heading to France to support his wife Julie Ertz and her teammates ahead of their Sunday tilt with Chile at the Parc de Princes in Paris.

Ertz told the Associated Press:

“It’s awesome being married to Julie, being able to support the people we love doing what they love to do. I’ve seen all the work she does each and every day and I’ve seen all the adversity she’s faced over the past seven years we’ve been together. I’ve seen the injuries. I’ve seen her cry. I’ve seen the blood. I’ve seen the tears. Because she loves the game so much, I’m so invested in seeing her succeed. That hard work is paying off.”

Rewind just over a year and it was a reversal of roles with Julie learning of the Eagles’ triumph over the Minnesota Vikings in the aftermath of a USWNT victory:

It’s pretty awesome to see a couple of high-profile athletes supporting each other on and off the pitch/field. Sure, people took the USWNT’s 13-0 victory and subsequent goal celebrations as the biggest heel turn since Danerys Targaryen burned Kings Landing to the ground after the bells of surrender had been rung, but I’ll still support the team. It’s the American thing to do.

Team USA Only Did One Thing Wrong While Beating the Brakes Off of Thailand

Kevin Kinkead - June 12, 2019

The U.S. women scored 13 goals in their opening round World Cup win against Thailand on Tuesday, setting a new record in the process.

That resulted in a bazillion Twitter hot takes and 5,000-word think pieces about running up the score, American sporting culture, gender inequality, and whatever other topics people could think of.

Trying to keep it a little more simple, without going off on 35 tangents, here are some thoughts on what transpired yesterday:

  1. Goal differential is a tiebreaker in World Cup group play. Therefore, it’s logical to score as much as possible. Sweden is also going to crush Thailand, so it was important for the U.S. to build up their +/- number right off the bat.
  2. As such, the scoring was fine, but the celebrating that bothered me. They were cheering goal #10 as if it was goal #1, and that came off as a little bush league, in my opinion. If you’re generally superstitious and/or believe in karma, things like that might come back to bite a team in the ass, or simply provide motivation for future opponents.
  3. Put me in the camp of people who feel as though taking your foot off the pedal is disrespectful to the opponent. If I’m Thailand, I’d be more insulted if the U.S. stopped playing and just tried to kick the ball around for the last 30 minutes of the game.
  4. There is much less parity in women’s soccer than men’s soccer. Nascent programs like Thailand aren’t on the same level as the U.S., France, and Japan, so to compare the women’s World Cup to the men’s World Cup is generally a fruitless exercise, since there’s less competition across the board.
  5. You play to win the game, as Herm Edwards once said.
  6. One of the overarching pre-tournament themes was that people felt like the U.S. needed to begin by making a statement, which they did.
  7. On the uber-rare chance that the U.S. men scored 13 goals in a game, they’d be judged the same exact way as the women. There’s no “patriarchal” thing going on here.

To that final point, I’d probably agree with Alexi here, after the jump:

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Gabe Kapler Talks Pivetta, Eickhoff, and Bryce Harper’s Attempted Home Plate Steal on the WIP Morning Show

Kevin Kinkead - June 12, 2019

Today’s Angelo Cataldi and Gabe Kapler discussion was straightforward, no nonsense radio, just really good back and forth about a variety of Phillies topics dating back to last Friday.

I thought there might be some lingering resentment after the contentious argument over Jean Segura’s lack of hustle and the Andrew McCutchen injury, but nope, nothing. Cataldi did not bring up the Rhys Hoskins and Bryce Harper pop-up play from earlier this week, and instead just did a basic Q/A type of interview touching on these topics:

  • Jay Bruce playing left field
  • Scott Kingery in 2019 vs 2018, plus his viability as an everyday center fielder
  • Nick Pivetta’s improvement
  • Jerad Eickhoff to the bullpen
  • using relievers as starters (Gabe doesn’t ‘love’ doing it)
  • Bryce Harper trying to steal home and what the analytics say about it
  • did Kapler ever try to steal home in his playing days?
  • 13 home runs on Monday night, how do you fix it?
  • David Ortiz being shot in the Dominican Republic

The most interesting answer I think was in regard to bullet point six. Kapler said this about stealing home, after the jump:

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Your Wednesday Morning Roundup

Chris Jastrzembski - June 12, 2019

After combining for 13 home runs on Monday, the Phillies and Diamondbacks each hit a very disappointing one homer each on Tuesday.

But the result wasn’t disappointing for the Phils, who would win 7-4. And it certainly wasn’t disappointing for the player who hit the team’s lone homer, Scott Kingery. He hit a 3-run dinger to left for his third home run in two games. Good for him. Bryce Harper, J.T. Realmuto, and Jay Bruce, who one of our investors calls “the Mike Scott of the Phillies,” each had RBIs as well.

However, neither player is the team’s top vote-getter in round one of All-Star voting. That distinction belongs to… Cesar Hernandez, who went 1-for-5. He has 23,000 more votes than Harper. Realmuto is the only Phillie in the top three at his position, which means he would advance to the next round of voting if it ended today.

On the mound, Jake Arrieta wasn’t Jerad Eickhoff, which was a start. Eickhoff’s not starting on Sunday and moving to the bullpen. Arrieta gave up three runs on six hits with five strikeouts and four walks in six innings pitched. None of the hits were home runs.

The teams have their rubber match tonight at 7:05 PM on NBC Sports Philadelphia. Zach Eflin takes the mound against Merrill Kelly.

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Chase Utley Confirms That He Hates The Mets

Bob Wankel - June 12, 2019

We’ve long known that Mets fans really do not like Chase Utley. You may remember last month when a woman called WFAN’s Boomer and Gio Show just to tell Chase off. It’s pretty obvious that Mets players feel the same way. Certainly, you remember that time when Noah Syndergaard threw behind Utley like a tough guy and then Terry Collins came out and threw a temper tantrum:

I guess they are all still hung up on the whole Ruben Tejada take-out slide thing, or maybe it’s that he tormented the Mets with 39 career homers and seemed to be in the middle of everything as his teams ruined their season year after year. I guess that could be it, too.

Anyway, Utley is doing some television now with the Dodgers and had a little Q&A going last night. He was asked, “Do you really hate the New York Mets?”

His answer, which you can see after the jump, probably won’t surprise you.

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Crossed Up: Are You Positive?

Russ Joy - June 12, 2019

Anthony and Bob discuss the Phillies’ recent rollercoaster stretch, their penchant for negativity, and discuss a team flaw that nobody else is talking about.

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Audio after the jump:

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