Chase Utley Met With Reporters Ahead of Retirement Festivities

Chase Utley Meets With Reporters Ahead of Retirement Festivities

Chase Utley, looking dashing as ever, met with reporters ahead of his retirement ceremony tonight at Citizens Bank Park. Utley tackled a variety of topics such as reflecting on his fondest memories as a Phillie, life as a father, and his television gig out west covering the Dodgers.

I personally snapped that picture sitting up there as the featured  photo, which was an artistic feat given that I had to navigate the tall person of NBC Sports Philadelphia’s John Clark, who was sitting directly in front of me. Guy seriously is big, gotta say.

Most of the session produced the standard stuff we’ve all heard before, but Clark did get Utley to speak about the impact of the love he still receives from Phillies fans. It was a good question, one that produced a thoughtful answer that you can check out, along with the full press conference, after the jump.

WIP’s Howard Eskin grabbed most of Utley’s remarks via Periscope, which seems to be his thing, so you can check that out, too:


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