Chuck Fletcher Says Kevin Hayes has been “Open-Minded” in Preliminary Talks

Kevin Hayes with the Jets
Photo Credit: James Carey Lauder-USA TODAY Sports

Let’s get it back to the Flyers.

Today GM Chuck Fletcher and assistant GM Brent Flahr discussed a variety of topics with the media, including the status of talks with free agent Kevin Hayes, whose rights were acquired by the Flyers last week in exchange for a 5th round pick.

Here’s what Fletcher had to say about Hayes, when asked where things currently stand:

“Nothing to announce at this point. We’ve had some good, I guess you’d call them preliminary, conversations with Kevin and his representation and this week I expect to follow up with Kevin and his camp and we’ll see where it goes. I don’t know how to characterize it other than we’ve had good conversations and we’re hopeful we can find a way to make something work.”

Follow-up question:

Does Fletcher have a “vibe” on Hayes’ current mindset? After the jump:

“I don’t have a vibe, other than he’s certainly open-minded. You have to remember he’s also two weeks away from getting to July 1st (and free agency). That’s a nice status to attain in this league, so certainly he’s earned that right and we’re respectful of that, but I think we have a lot to offer here in Philly so we’ll continue to speak to him. He’s open-minded to conversations and that’s what his camp has said to us and obviously we have a strong interest in him.”

Fletcher says Hayes has not yet visited Philadelphia, though I’d assume that will happen sometimes this week. The GM also said that he wanted to “get ahead” on the team’s pursuit of the 27-year-old center, hence the trade.

Full audio of the presser here:



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  1. Now that betting is legal in PA, you guys should throw another party like the massively disappointing one in Haddonfield where you tried to promise free food and see if more than 8 people show up to break your precious record.

    Loving the site now that Russ has been banned from posting !

    1. Oh I do remember reading some hilarious comments about that last “party”. But the case of the missing Joyboy is news to me. What did he do, use the company account to tweet a semi-offensive term like “m o n g o”?

  2. He doesn’t want to be here unless we massively over pay him before July 1st. Hard pass. He’s more of a third center than a second and is not worth over paying.

  3. Would you sign with a non PO team before testing the market? makes no sense for his agent to advise Hayes of anything else. 8 yrs vs. 7 ain’t worth not listening to other teams’ offers especially those in contention.

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