Crossing Broadcast: An Idiot Sandwich

Kevin and Russ dissect the potential sign-and-trade scenarios sending Jimmy Butler to Houston, discuss the best options if Butler and/or Tobias Harris sign elsewhere, and the ramifications for the Eastern Conference. They also touch on the Flyers’ moves and schedule, Gabe Kapler v. Angelo Cataldi, the Kansas City sports talk radio host and Andy Reid, and more.

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Audio after the jump:

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10 Responses

  1. I admittedly do not follow the NBA. Can someone explain to me fetish this fan base has with Jimmy Butler? What round of the playoffs did they make it to without Butler? the second right? And then they traded for him and made it to what round of the playoffs this past season? 2nd round? What round of the playoffs did the 6ers make it to almost yearly before they lost on purpose for 5 straight seasons? the 2nd? So what I’m asking is, who cares about the NBA or its free agency? The 6ers are as worthless as the Flyers

  2. People like Butler because he is not a pussy. Embiid is kind of a pussy. Simmons is a HUGE pussy.

  3. So I think I get the analogy with the white bread writers, but what’s the meat of this sandwich?

  4. Been Listening for a while, please stop doing impressions you guys suck at them. I don’t listen to your podcast for your half assed Bernie Sanders impression just talk Philly sports.

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