DeMarcus Lawrence Has a Carson Wentz Take, Lane Johnson has a Response

DeMarcus Lawrence and Carson Wentz
Photo Credit: Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Cowboys defensive end DeMarcus Lawrence had this to say about Carson Wentz’s new big money deal:

Lawrence has zero sacks in nine career games against the Eagles. He does have five QB hits, four tackles for loss, and a 6-3 record, so I guess I wouldn’t outright poo-poo his tweet like everybody else is.

The comment did, however, annoy Lane Johnson, after the jump:

“Can’t wait,” says Johnson, and I would agree.

America’s Team, your Philadelphia Eagles, play at Dallas in week seven and get the Cowboys at home in week 16.

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16 Responses

  1. It annoyed Lane “after the jump”? What jump? Is this hithertofore-undefined-jump similar to the logical leap often made about how Wentz is a franchiiiise qb despite being unable to put up points against good teams?

        1. More confused than ever…I only read this site for the comments, but I’m not following this one. Is that like an acronym or something?

          1. Now that you clarified the shoe size, can you clarify the acronym? This joker never got back to me.

    1. Never.
      The racist fuck hired by Kyle and fired by CBS for using th3 company twitter account to spew racist remarks
      deleted his tweets.
      No doubt if you really wanted to you could track down the people he offended (and took screen shots
      of his tweets before he deleted them).
      Still it was an asshole move my kinkerhead to do that.
      USUALLY it does not look good on your resume if you were fired from a company for making racist remarks.
      But K Scott doesn’t care if there is a racist on the company payroll.
      Kyle isn’t to bright. He walks a sharp edge between chicanery and lowlife website.
      The only hype about CB was created and perpetuated by CB staff.

  2. This was a terrible signing with wentz and all this money.
    Just last night he broke and arm trying to stop a moving lawn mower blade.
    How can we depend on someone like that?

    One thing is for sure though, I’ll be complaining about Wentz until
    my pock marked face turns purple.
    And by the way, i plan on being on the r@g until wentz is goooonnnnnneeeeee

    1. I know this is a parody of another guy but it’s not a good one, worse than the fake Kate Devlin one, lol. Also I hate to break it to you but Carson is mawwied.

      1. Kinker, everyone knows you edit/delete and post your own comments using multiple fake pseudonyms.
        (yes…just like everyone else)

        So much for journalistic ethics and integrity.

        You might be able to get a job at 97.5 and fake you own ‘fake aggravated’ call in listeners like Missinelli does.

          1. If you help Kyle make those fake shirts, then probably more towards the ‘flattered’ side.

            really though, I’m just jealous………

          1. Only because I allow you to do it………..
            But cheer up, i’m beating the ‘under’ on how long it takes you to muck about
            with my next response.
            I’m up $40 for today.
            Keep me in the money kinker CHOP CHOP!

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