DeSean Jackson Spent His Saturday Night Feeding the Homeless

via Twitter (John Clark)

Look at D Jaxx handing out food to the homeless in Kensington:

This was in addition to a free football camp he held in the morning.

Good on DeSean, for real. Seems like he really enjoys being back in town.


9 Responses

  1. Nice but can he feed the franchise QB who is the biggest bum on the team?

  2. Cool publicity stunt. It stopped being charitable the moment he started recording it.

  3. Jaccpot productions! We all know That the food was a front for his boys trying to cop some smack!

  4. I’m seriously kind of torn between, do I really give a shit about people who would rather stick a needle in their arms than live a productive life, or are they just caught in a trap and need, and deserve, our help?

  5. Thats awesome act by DJax but Kenzo is one scary place. Im assuming he didnt have a police escort so DJax may be better off donating to homeless shelters.

  6. Good news for the homeless of Denver. DJacc can feed them when he’s on the Broncos next year.

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