Here’s Every Homer From Tonight’s Phillies-Diamondbacks Game


The Phillies and Diamondbacks combined for a MLB record 13 homers tonight. Yes, the Phillies got wrecked tonight, mainly because of a brutal outing from Jerad Eickhoff, but at least history was made, you know? Glass half full. Behold the complete record of the historic power display:

Anyway, no need for too many takes or too much analysis after this one. Eickhoff was…I mean, he was horrible, and his immediate future has to be in doubt. Can the Phillies let him take the ball in Atlanta this weekend? I don’t see that happening. Meanwhile, Ranger Suarez took one on the chin to save the bullpen, and the Phillies are now tied with the Braves for first place in the NL East. That right there pretty much captures the essence of the evening, so rather than place too much emphasis on one forgettable game, let’s just take a look at all of the horrible pitches that were crushed tonight. You can view all 13 of them, after the jump.

Diamondbacks homers



Phillies Homers



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  1. Krukker: I spent the entire first inning talking about when me and Tony Gwynn and some other schmo went back-to-back-to-back. Everybody notice that? Schmitty: Thirteen home runs and nobody takes one between the numbers. Back in the day, Warren Brusstar would have had guys eating dirt. I just don’t understand the game today. TMac: Hey, here comes the Phanatic to throw some popcorn around because it’s a blowout How does he think of this stuff? AHHAWHAWHAWHAWHAW

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