How Do We Feel About LaVar Ball Telling Molly Qerim He’d “Switch Gears” With Her?

ESPN's First Take

Welcome back to the spotlight, LaVar Ball.

Lonzo’s dad was on First Take this week, spouting off his usual nonsense, and then winding up in the headlines when he made a comment that SOME PEOPLE believed to be suggestive.

Here’s the exchange with Molly Qerim:

Oh Lord,” says Stephen A Smith, who gives Ball the side eye.

ESPN, who invited Ball on the air, condemned the comments and issued this statement:

“LaVar Ball’s comment to Molly Qerim Rose was completely inappropriate and we made him aware of that,” a network spokesperson said.”

Ball’s camp said the comments were NOT SEXUAL IN NATURE.

Right, so anyway, this makes me laugh, because ESPN puts the guy on TV, knowing he’ll say some outrageous shit, then they turn around and condemn him for saying some outrageous shit.

Funny how that works!

Qerim is married to Jalen Rose, FYI. The next logical course of action here is for Rose and Ball to rumble in the octagon at UFC 239. I’m dialing up Dana White right now.

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23 Responses

  1. He’s an Embarrassment.

    He was and has been an Embarrassment.

    He’s the Wand of Gamelon of all sports Media if you catch the reference.

  2. I’m in the camp of “this guy is an idiot, but i didn’t really think the comment was that big of a deal”. When i saw the headline at phillydotcom, i definitely thought he had said something worse than that

      1. The ever-witty Kevy strikes again. Must’ve had a lunch break at Tiger Beat and edited comments here.

  3. I look forward to walking by the ESPORTS arena they will build next to the XFINITY DEAD hole
    and PlSSlNG on it when i drop my $400 to see a sixers game.

    1. I thought he spent all his money on Union games, not Suxx0rs games? Don’t tell me he won extra money following the betting advice on this site.

      1. No…he did ‘something else’ to ‘earn’ that money…..down in china town…apparently.
        or maybe it was behind Nick’s on cottman ave.

      2. no one is dumb enough to follow the betting advice on this site.
        unless its that GimyKnee wentz loser or Taguchi licker.

  4. I feel like if you are going to continue to put a mike in this clown’s face, then you get what you deserve…I mean, what would you expect?

  5. Monday Night Raw is ridiculously unwatchable now. The announcers suck especially that chick…. and it’s clearly obvious that Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler were the show. Not to mention the in ring talent was much better than these stiffs.

  6. Good job covering useless shit like this Kinker
    instead of the birthday of the most successful singer/musician/entertainer
    of all time Paul McCartney

    1. He was just riffing. Said the line with a flat affect. She obviously thinks a little too much of herself. Let’s move on.

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