It’s a Cynch Having Your Grilling Tanks Delivered to Your Door for Only $10!

Cynch AmeriGas ItsLit5

Summer is well underway and you know what that means. It’s grilling season! With Fourth of July cookouts just over a week away, now is the time to get a fresh tank of propane to get you through your parties. The problem? The last thing you want to worry about is dragging your empty propane tank to your local supplier and drop $20-30 on a full tank. Don’t worry. You won’t ever have to take a tank for an exchange ever again, and you certainly won’t have to pay that much.

Our friends at AmeriGas have rolled out their new propane home delivery service, Cynch, in order to make your propane purchase so much easier. Cynch will deliver a new propane tank to your front door and haul away your empty tank!

Give it a try today! Head on over to their website and enter the Crossing Broad promo code “ItsLit5” to get your first propane delivery for just $10! That’s right, leave any empty propane tank outside, and they’ll exchange it with a new tank delivered to your home for just $10.

Two of our writers have already tried it and raved about the simplicity and time they saved by using Cynch:

Kyle: “I was on vacation and realized I was out of propane. We had a family party planned for when we got back from the shore and there was no way I was going to have time to lug my tank to a store. I hopped onto Cynch‘s site, entered the Crossing Broad promo code ‘ItsLit5’, and had the tank delivered while I was sitting on the beach. It was great.”

Russ: “I used Cynch for my propane home delivery and I can tell you it’s incredibly easy. I was grilling some flank steak and vegetables when I realized we hadn’t gotten a new propane tank in quite some time. I got done grilling, checked my tank and realized we were practically out. I took out my phone, went onto Cynch‘s site, picked my delivery date, entered my address and the Crossing Broad promo code “ItsLit5”, and put my empty tank on my driveway. The next day, Cynch delivered a new propane tank and hauled away my empty one. It was that easy.”

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