Jay Bruce is Your National League Player of the Week

Jay Bruce Phillies legend
Photo Credit: John Geliebter-USA TODAY Sports


How about Jay Bruce, huh? He’s your NL Player of the Week:

I know it’s written on the graphic, but those numbers bear repeating:

  • six games
  • .381 average
  • four home runs
  • 11 RBI
  • six runs scored
  • 1.048 slugging percentage

Bruce currently has a 1.429 OP, which makes me laugh.

Coggin Toboggan informs me that Bruce is the first Phillie since Carlos Ruiz in 2014 to win NL Player of the Week. He is also the first Phillie to win a weekly award during his first seven days with the club since Paul Byrd in 1998.

Now you know.

And knowing is half the battle.

G.I. Joe.


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    1. What are you doing on our station’s turf, Burgundy? You’re about to get a serious beat down

      1. I’m sure that CB isn’t leaving those Burgundy comments to push up visits/clicks.
        That would be dishonest.

        Huggs and Kisses!
        GO GO Go Teddy Ballgame!



  1. Who else had Paul Byrd enshrined in Cooperstown at the end of his first week as a Phillies pitcher? Pat Combs sure did. Matt Beech maybe.

  2. Schmitty: Back in the day, I won that award a few times, as I recall. ‘Course, I wasn’t really that interested in individual accomplishments. Except for being three-time MVP and in the Hall of Fame. Ben Davis: I’d like to see Jay extend his arms just a bit more, and maybe choke up when there’s two strikes. TMac: anybody notice I don’t do that eerie laughing when I announce football games. Why is that? AHHAWHAWHAWHAWHAW

  3. How is Taryn Hatcher allowed to wear a crucifix pendant on Christian-hating, pro-muslim, liberal extremist NBC10?

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