Jerad Eickhoff Gives Up Three Straight Homers to Start Tonight’s Game


Jared Eickhoff didn’t allow a single homer in his first five appearances this season, a stretch spanning 30 innings pitched. That’s really good. Lately, however, you could say that the long ball has plagued him. He entered tonight having allowed 11 homers over his last 24.1 IP, which, obviously, isn’t great. But that trouble is nothing compared to what we witnessed during the first inning of tonight’s game in which Eickhoff surrendered back-to-back-to-back home runs to the first three hitters he faced:

That’s 13 pitches, three homers, and quite a hole to dig out of for a team with a tattered bullpen and slumping offense.

At the time of this post, Phillies pitchers lead the National League with 103 homers surrendered this season. The Giants are the next closest NL team with 94 homers allowed. For the sake of comparison, the Phillies’ revamped lineup has produced only 77 homers this season after Jean Segura’s first inning solo shot.

That’s good for 12th in the NL, ahead of only the Giants, Marlins, and Pirates.



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  1. Yikes is right. Fing Kendrick never did anything like this, and he flat out sucked. Nothing like burying your team before the game is five minutes old

  2. And there goes homerun #4. Nothing like giving the lead right back after the Phils tied it up. Way to go Jared – real quality stuff threr

  3. This should be Eickhoffs last appearance in a Phillies uniform. AAA caliber pitcher. Just Doesnt have the stuff to be in the majors . Meatball smorgasbord tonight. Shame hes a nice kid but doesnt have a mlb arm.

    1. 🎵🎵Steve Langford has has a huge peni$, I want it inSIDE MY MOUTH… oh woah… Steve Langford’s huge PENI$🎵🎵

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