Joel Embiid, aka “The Black Roger Federer,” is Back on the Tennis Court

Embiid playing tennis
via Twitter (@MatthewGut21)

Joel Embiid once called himself “The Black Roger Federer” because of how good his tennis game is. He noted that service is one of his strengths.

He was at it again last night on the Schuylkill River Park courts over at 25th and Spruce:

Pretty good form. The serve toss is low, but when you’re 7’2″ I guess it doesn’t need to be very high, does it?

Anyway, cue the following responses from annoyed Sixers’ fans, after the jump:

  • “Why is Embiid playing tennis?”
  • “He should be working on his basketball game”
  • “Joel needs to get his ass on the blocks”
  • “He could injure himself playing tennis”
  • “He should be in bed, resting”
  • “He needs to stop eating four chicken sandwiches and four milkshakes at the same time”

So on and so forth.


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    1. Kinker,

      Let it be know than Kevin Kinkerhead is all powerful.
      At the click of a button he can change your past, present and future.

      Crossing Bored Chumps

    2. Funny how you change the kate devlin comment, but not the p u t o comments.
      What does this mean?

        1. Yeah I an sure this site is making a ton of money off of page clicks when Kyle has completely given up on anything with the site and the podcast and is now a sports betting “expert”

  1. As long as he’s exercising and not eating four chicken sandwiches and four milkshakes at the same time, by all means…have at it JoJo.

  2. Rare day when the knee, back, digestive track, and pride are all uninjured at the same time. Good for him.

  3. Personally all for Jo Jo getting in some workouts regardless of sports to help him get in better shape. Much better than guzzling Shirley Temples at a nightclub….

  4. With any luck, this azzh0le will injure hissself and we can be done with him. FUCK SIMMONS FUCK EMBIID FUCK THE FUCKING PROCESS

  5. YES! I knew it would only be a matter of time before Jo-Jo was back up to doing silly sports related things on social media. He’s such a silly goose.

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