Kacie McDonnell Had to Apologize For Using an Incredibly Random Term

Kacie McDonnell KC
Photo Credit: Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Remember Kacie McDonnell? POTTSVILLE native and VILLANOVA alumnus Kacie McDonnell? Eric Hosmer’s girlfriend, Kacie McDonnell?

Of course you do.

The former FOX 29 traffic anchor is now working for NESN after a stop in Kansas City, and she was doing a segment during a Red Sox game this week when she dropped an incredibly random slur.

Via Awful Announcing:

During a segment on Monday’s Boston Red Sox-Minnesota Twins game called “The Social Stretch,” McDonnell pointed out someone who was eating mayonnaise out of a huge jar at a Memphis Redbirds game.

The fan spilled some mayo on his t-shirt, in which some slang terms is called a “guinea tee.” McDonnell used that term Monday night on NESN.

Lmao… really? Guinea tee? I haven’t even heard that term in at least ten years. Everyone around here calls it a wife beater, which I guess is probably also offensive in 2019, even though it doesn’t mean you ACTUALLY beat your wife.

Anyway, here’s the video, after the jump:

And here’s her apology, also courtesy Awful Announcing:

I agree with Joe at Busted Coverage:

“Of course Kacie had to apologize for her choice of words and the 5 or so people she offended on Twitter who probably go over to Facebook to argue politics and call people names. But, it’s the era of the apology…”

Happy Wednesday.

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13 Responses

  1. Is pretty much a done deal according to my sources. It’s hilarious how worthless the Philly sports media is that I can get this info and they can’t.

  2. I have no idea why that is a bad term. I guess that’s just the world we live in now, that people are going to start apologizing for things people haven’t even heard before. She probably would’ve had to apologize if she said wife beater too

      1. Urban Dictionary has informed me that Guineas is another word for Guidos. OH THE HUMANITYYYYYY, TAKE MY EYES BUT GOD PLEASE DON”T CALL ME A GUINEA

  3. Mikey Miss is outraged. She was also seen eating a slice of pizza from a box that had a cartoon pizzeria owner on it

    1. Got proof? Digging through back issues of Tiger Beat where I assume he wrote under a psuedonym, but haven’t found the proof yet.

      1. twitter DOT com SLASH Patottas SLASH status SLASH 745008906837975040

        replace the dot and slashes obviously

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