Kawhi Leonard Nonsense: Cris Carter Disputes Woj Report

Photo credit: Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

So last night Adrian Wojnarowski said Kawhi Leonard could “possibly” take a meeting with the Sixers as he explores free agency this summer.

I personally believe that to be bullshit, and even if he did meet with the Sixers, I’d place a 0.0001% chance on Kawhi signing with your town, your team.

Today we’ve got Cris Carter COUNTERING Woj’s report with this:

Put me in the camp of people who hope that Cris Carter is right, because I don’t want to go through the Bryce Harper/Manny Machado will he/won’t he nonsense again. Does anybody really think Kawhi Leonard is coming to Philadelphia? Hell nah, bro.

And if he does miraculously sign here, I’ll delete this post and deny that it was ever written.


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  1. Speaking of deleted posts, care to clarify the rumor that Diprosperos’ article is now subscriber only?

      1. You’re the one pasting a zillion tweets, fam…you’re welcome for the clicks though.

        1. This is not true.
          I do nothing more than post high quality entertaining highly informative substantial 100% original content that hasn’t
          been stolen from another source/site/webmaster/ziptittyplitittpityplop and couldn’t
          be done by GED dropout for 5$/day.

          Now you’ll have to excuse me, i have to help Kyle make some
          fake ‘Ratt’ shirts for the concert at the Hard Rock Hotel this summer.
          You’ll be able to get one (or more…if you’re really smart) for $35 soon, so
          stay tuned!
          I have carpal tunnel from licking all those stamps for our shipping department.

          i forgot. I’m not a hypocrite either.

  2. What exactly are your credentials to say that you believe a tweet from Woj is total bullshit? The man is the most plugged in sports reporter ever. Jesus christ you’re a dolt.

    1. You should really shut your pie hole unless you know what you’re talking about boy!

      I went to WVU for 7 years to get my bs degree in pointing, clicking and cuttin and pastin!
      Plus i worked for CBS for 7 year before i started working here at the premiere irreverent sports site
      (except for that useless kardashian and meek mail shit i post just to get clicks).
      Plus i can eat a bag of cheetos and post an article with one hand.

      Plus i’m helping Kyle Scott Laskowski payoff his 2 houses and school loans by breaking in the
      new 40K/60hr-a-week slave he recently hired(I think its Larry Kane) and helping pack shirts for his fake tshirt scam.

      Plus i’m in the process of getting a new type of toupee glue patented!

  3. Wow, what a terrible place to play. One of the best cities in the world. It’s 1 1/2 hours by a charter flight to NYC. No doubt you do have to suffer with the cold and snow for much of the Winter but 1/2 your games are away. But you just won a title and probably can make another run in the 2019-2020 season. Who is your competition. The 76ers and Bucks. Two teams you just beat.

    1. The Sixers are the team to beat!
      Go Swoop Go!

      Have a pleasant friday evening get drunk and silly
      and may your herpes ever be cured!
      Huggs and Kisses

      -Kate Devlin

  4. I eat my dogs poop and drink my cat’s pee.

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