Larry Andersen Describes What He Sees as a “Lifeless” and “Listless” Phillies Team

Photo Credit: Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Larry Andersen was on the WIP morning show today, talking about your red-hot Philadelphia Phillies.

Red hot in a bad way, since they’ve lost seven games in a row. But perhaps that changes tonight when they host the New York Mets, a team that had to apologize after manager Mickey Callaway called a reporter a “motherfucker” in the clubhouse.

Andersen said this about your team, your town:

“It just, it looks… I hate to say it, but it looked lifeless, and it looked listless, like there wasn’t energy, and not even getting something going, getting the crowd into it. You just don’t see it. And I’m not in the dugout so I can only say what I see. I’m not down there, I don’t know if everybody’s pulling for each other, if they’re making an effort. I don’t want to say that they’re not, and I’ve said this before, even as a player, when you’re not scoring and not playing well it looks like you have no energy and it looks like you don’t care. You can’t just say they don’t care, but I’d certainly like to see more energy. I’d like to see more of everything, you know?”

The Phillies were swept over the weekend by the Fish, which seems impossible, regardless of how poorly you’re playing.

Inevitably the conversation turned to accountability and the benching of players, with Andersen offering this take, after the jump:

“I can’t tolerate it happening over and over. I want to see the results of some reprimand. I wanna see it. I don’t want to hear about it being talked about, I want to see something happen at this point. Because it just, it can’t happen, and Gabe is gonna have his player’s backs; I absolutely agree with that. Whether you like Gabe or not, if the players are playing for him, if they like him, that’s what matters the most.

But at the same time, I think he would get more respect if he would put his foot down, if he would say ‘don’t bother going back out there, you had your chance and you blew it.’ So put somebody else out there. Is it going to hurt you taking a good player out or one of your starters out because he’s not hustling? It might hurt you, but I think you’re going to gain more from it. You can’t keep doing these same things over and expecting different results. It’s not happening.”

Full audio below:

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11 Responses

  1. I was at the game Friday. Packed house for Utley retirement night. Had a nice pre-game buzz from all the festivities and the Chase-Mac catch, and the team comes out and gives us… a wet fart. Bunch of nothing. No urgency, nothing exciting at all. Lots of strikeouts and easy pop flies. Nola actually turned in a good game for nothing at all. If you can’t play for your coach, at least play for the fans! If you can’t do that then why the fuck did we go out and spend all this money? Get pissed off and start winning games you shlubs!

    1. i beg to disagree..

      a wet fart has something (that typically is the problem with it), urgency?? are you kidding me. when you feel that wet fart there is a helluva urgency towards the bathroom .. and the excitement is how bad did i destroy the drawers? and did it get through to the pants?

      1. I see you are also a man of culture. I was going more for “smells like shit, without the payoff” but I see your point as well. Touche sir.

  2. The Phillies would have been better spending the 330 million on what I spend my money on…coke binges and hookers. They wouldn’t be lifeless, that’s for sure

  3. All this crap reminds of when Chip Kelley coached the Eagles—. Lucky Charms & Fruit Loops—! Players dont respond.
    Get rid of Gabe!!! Players dont like him!! Hire an enforcer! Where’s Jim Fregosi when we need him??? Heck, even Dick Allen would do a better job—.
    Michael from Austin

  4. Let’s play the game the way it was meant to be played. See the ball hit the ball. Launch angles and all that other nonsense are just bull shit. It’s ridiculous that players have to rely on a piece of paper to position themselves for the various batters. They are so worried about all that bull shit that they are not having fun playing the game. It’s time to move on from Gabe Kapler and Matt Klentak. All that silly horse shit is destroying this team. Sometimes the best moves are no moves. Pitchers are pulled from the game when they shouldn’t be pulled and left in games too long when they are struggling. Let them play!

  5. Everyone seems to forget the first 5 months of 1980. Or that the Wheezers of ’83 got their Manager fired. Who do you think Big D was YELLING AT? Those Houston & KC juggernauts.erased the futility of ’75 ,’76, ’77, ’78 & ’79. Went away with the birth of Herbie. Only diff with Dr J’s band of underachievers was their marketing dept didn’t come up with something as idiotic as OWING US 1. Cataldi sends his thanks 4 helping his rating$$. The Beachfrlnt abode needed a new deck.

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