Malcolm Jenkins Clearly Deserves a Raise

Malcolm Jenkins pro bowl
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The Birds’ mandatory minicamp begins this week and veteran safety Malcolm Jenkins is not expected to participate.

According to the King, Howard Eskin, Jenkins is seeking a “hefty raise” to his current deal:

Hefty is an interesting word. Is that a million dollars? Two million dollars? ONE HUNDRED BILLION DOLLARS?

Last week Adam Schefter told the 97.5 the Fanatic morning show that the Jenkins’ thing was an “unresolved contractual situation:

…I think the Eagles organization is not surprised by this. I think that they know this is going to be an issue that will carry into and beyond next week. And I personally, my own sense is, reading between the lines, I don’t believe he will be (at mandatory camp). We’ll see whether or not that turns out to be accurate. But I don’t think we’ll see him next week for the opening of mandatory minicamp.”

Jenkins ranks 9th among NFL safeties in average earnings per year, according to Over the Cap. Below, you see he’s smushed between Adrian Amos and Tony Jefferson and making less than Harrison Smith and Lamarcus Joyner, after the jump:

Jenkins played every snap last season and stood out as a consistent, veteran Pro Bowl contributor in a patchwork secondary that was obliterated by injuries. He logged 97 tackles, six for loss, a sack, a fumble recovery, and an interception and has not missed a football game since 2013. Jenkins’ durability has been otherwordly, even at age 30 and 31.

If that’s reason for the Eagles to hesitate, his age, I get it, but for comparison Thomas will earn three million more per year AAV with a contract that takes him to Jenkins’ current age. Smith’s contract takes him to age 33 and Joyner age 32, so I don’t think it’s unreasonable to give Jenkins a boost right now without having to dole out some crippling deal that brings him to age 35.

Here’s a brief comparison with some of those guys, dating back to 2015:

Throw in five playoff games, a Super Bowl ring, and Jenkins’ status as a captain and veteran leader and player of multiple positions if you need more to help your case. The statistics themselves should justify the argument without even getting into the other stuff.

More background via Over the Cap, which lays out Malcolm’s deal as such:

If those last two years look funky, it’s the result of a Howie Roseman restructure, explained via this note:

According to Field Yates, Jenkins restructured his contract on September 3, 2018 to create $6.148 million in cap room. We are assuming that to do this the Eagles added two dummy years to the contract and prorated $7.685 million of his salary over 5 years. The restructure will increase Jenkins’ cap charges by $1.537 million in the final two years of the contract and leave the Eagles with $3 million to account for in 2021.

Right, so Jenkins was one of the many Eagles who restructured in a team-first way. He’s performed at an elite level over the past two seasons and I don’t think it’s unreasonable to return the favor by re-working his current deal.

Let’s get this order of business wrapped up and move on.


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    1. You are legally bound by the signature. If he played poorly he would still be paid. Teams pay for what you will do in the future, not what you did previously

  1. Jenkins is a sellout and an Uncle Tom! He screwed over our black unity movement! He needs to put his fist down and not get paid another cent.

  2. Can’t see why the Eagles extended an overrated injuryprone QB 2+ years before they needed to make a decision. At least when the Phillies stupidly extended Ryan Howard 2 years before they needed to, he hadn’t yet racked up multiple season ending injuries. Jenkins is the best defensive player the Eagles have had since B-Dawk. As for this article coming right before a Schefty tweet, that may be a new CB first? Throwing us off rhythm though. Usually the copypastes are hours after the fact, not beforehand. Do you have inside knowledge?

  3. Love Jenkins and KNOW that there is no way Eagles dont treat him right and work with him to get the $ part of things settled. Just give it some time and LETS ROCK this year #birdgang !!!

  4. I must be confused as to how contracts work. I thought that they were initially agreed upon by each party involved, then signed. After that, I thought that each party involved then followed what the contract stated. I was unaware that halfway through the contract, one party could demand that the other party do what was required of them in the contract. If that’s the case, why even bother having contracts.

    What a bunch of monkey business

  5. first of all, Eskin works for the team, so anything he says will be completely slanted. I do think that Jenkins is a little overrated, but based on the numbers above, and the numbers that the Eagles have paid out to other players, he will probably get a rewritten contract, extending it for a year, and giving him a few more bucks up front. Giving him a big salary at age 35 would be a mistake, but keeping him happy for a few more years wouldn’t be terrible. He has played hard and has been a loyal player to the franchise.

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