Mickey Moniak Made a Sweet Catch Yesterday


Mickey Moniak hasn’t exactly lived up to the high expectations typically attached to a No. 1 overall draft pick, but he’s made some progress this season. The 21-year-old is hitting .256 with a career-best .417 slugging-percentage in 62 games for Double-A Reading. Not bad, although he could stand to improve on his .300 on-base percentage that is weighed down by a pretty brutal 5.8% walk-rate. The Phillies, an organization that values on-base skills, probably do not love that number.

Anyway, this isn’t the minor league prospect report, so let’s get to the point. Moniak made a big-time play late in Reading’s 2-1 win over Harrisburg yesterday, robbing the Senators’ Luis Sardinas of a homer.

Hell of a play and one that reveals the speed and athleticism the Phillies hoped Moniak could harness when they selected him over No. 2 pick Nick Senzel, who, of course, has an .806 OPS in 37 games with the Reds this season.

On the bright side, we may see Moniak in Philadelphia sometime soon. We’re about two more injured outfielders away from his major league debut.

Just kidding, I think.



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6 Responses

    1. Pimple face bust? First off, you should watch your comments living in your mom’s basement loser. The kid is top 10 in runs batted in, hits, runs RBI, XBH, leads the league in triples, and his top 10 and extra-base hits. Not only that he is the fourth youngest kid in the entire double A. I know you are probably a ringer in your old fat man softball league. Keep it up loser

  1. 7 walks in June though, he had 8 in may and april combined. He leads all Phils minor leaguers in both doubles and triples. There’s still hope

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