Nick Foles Was a Jeopardy Answer on Monday Night

Nick Foles describing himself
Photo credit: Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

The legend of Nick Foles lives on forever.

In addition to a Super Bowl ring and a statue outside of Lincoln Financial Field, the former Birds’ QB was featured on Jeopardy last night:

I imagine the exchange went something like this, after the jump:

Alex Trebek: Once the backup, this Eagles QB won best championship performance for his work in Super Bowl 52.

James Holzhauer: Who is Big Dick Nick?

Alex Trebek: Judges… will we accept Big Dick Nick?

<judges deliberate>

Trebek: We will accept Big Dick Nick.

Holzhauer: Thank you, I’ll take Philly GOATs for $500 please.

Nick is now a Jacksonville Jag-wire, unfortunately. But Carson Wentz is healthy and the Birds are heading back to the Super Bowl. You heard it here first.


Technically, I guess Nick was a question and not an answer, because, you know, Jeopardy.

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10 Responses

  1. I got one for you…..

    Continually lauded as a former MVP candidate like participant awards matter, this oft-injured Eagles signalcaller recently signed a $128 million extension despite never playing in or winning a single playoff game.

      1. Oh, so close, Kev. That is not the correct answer, but almost getting it right does however net you our ‘Wentz’ consolation prize package…..a $128 million extension and a free pass from the Philly media.

  2. I got another one, this blogger was accused of racist tweets but continues to refuse comments about his character. Who is Klickbait Kev?

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